July 13, 2024

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Geek TV Review: The Tick Season One Part 2

The Tick! The Terror! Arthur! Stuff! Spoon!

While I am still not completely sure why Amazon didn’t drop all of The Tick at once, I am generally glad to see more of The Tick anyway.

But the second part seemed to drop so quietly in the grand scheme of things,.  I almost forgot about it myself.  But then I remembered and here’s a review.

Last we saw, the Terror, long believed dead, had captured Arthur to get Arthur’s flight suit.  Why?  He has a plan, but…well, the Terror’s plans don’t always make sense.

Fortunately, neither does the Tick.

If you were digging the first half, where Arthur, his sister Dot, Tick, Overkill, and a host of other oddballs and weirdos  were trying to save the day from the Terror, who may or may not be dead (he isn’t), then you should continue to like the second half as it comes to a big action climax (sort of) and the Terror is obviously thwarted.  There are some mysteries and such left behind for season two, and I know I’ll be there if they can keep this up.  Peter Serafinoeicz really grew into the role of the Tick, a fairly oblivious guy who can spend a couple episodes thinking aloud that he’s a robot and give a bouncy “thank you!” to a scientist who said he tried to end world hunger.  Sure, cocky Superman-like Superian may get all the credit, but the Tick doesn’t care about that.

Besides, season one may have been mostly a long origin story for Arthur.  Giving the Tick’s usual sidekick an extensive backstory that fits into the world of The Tick was a good move, giving him a last name and a family beyond a sister who, originally, only appeared sporadically but here is actually rather vital to the plot.

Just be aware this show is not for kids.  There’s some heavy swearing and a bit of the violence that isn’t always so cartoonish here.  People do die.  The Terror is not a harmless old man no matter how raspy the great Jackie Earle Haley makes his voice.

But there was a nice moment when I realized the new show did a shout-out to one of the old ones.  There’s a reoccurring character in the form of a talking dog, a retired superhero and bestselling author in his own life, and his voice is provided by Townsend Coleman.  Who is he?  Well, here’s his voice in action:

I’ll be by for season two.  Nine out of ten spoon-musing moments.