December 5, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting”

In which Bart appears to have the power to cause pregnancies with voodoo.

So, someone named Tavi Gevinson did a guest shot as someone named Jenny in this episode.  I don’t really know who Tavi Gevinson is, and I don’t know who in this episode Jenny is.  So, I have nothing more to say about that.

Besides, the episode opened with this particularly nightmarish couch gag.

Sheesh.  That was spooky.

So, after a somewhat unrelated bit where Moe and some other bartenders come to the conclusion that they can increase their business by letting people wear superhero costumes to drink (it almost makes sense), we skip to Bart going to school and finding to his shock and horror that he has an art class.  The art teacher, who is having the class sketch a naked Groundskeeper Willie in the Thinker Pose, is nothing but encouraging, which for Bart is bad because he doesn’t care and doesn’t want praise.  Skipping out, he sees teenage bad girl Shauna hanging around outside and she advises getting the local voodoo priestess to sell Bart a curse.  Bart likes that idea, and then we learn Shauna is Superintendent Chalmers’ daughter.  You never can tell with some people.

As it is, Bart manages to get the stuff and with some help from Milhouse tries to give the art teacher a tummy ache.  It sorta works.  She shows up at school the next day pregnant.

From there, Bart starts doing a service for all kinds of desperate couples where, for five dollars, he makes up some crappy rhyme and then somehow causes pregnancies through the power of coincidence.  Homer is somewhat embarrassed and Bart blames him for some stupid reason, but then the pair are kidnapped by Fat Tony.  Fat Tony wants Bart to work his magic on his prize filly Cheesesteak and a racehorse he kidnapped.  He has one night and if Cheesesteak isn’t pregnant after that, Bart and Homer are dead.

Further problems?  The racehorse is gay, and Cheesesteak likes some Clydesdale that helped sell beer and even gave Homer his first can.  But hey, as long as Cheesesteak is pregnant, it really doesn’t matter who the father is, right?

That leads to this Les Miserables parody where we can hear Joe Mantegna sing in character:

So, uh, does it work?  Yeah.  Sudsley Brewright knocks up Cheesesteak and then everyone lives happily ever after.

Really, there’s some sort of Modern Family bit to end the thing.

This sure was a video-filled installment.

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