December 5, 2023

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Comic Review: Chew Volume 4

Tony Chu deals with more food-based craziness as alien writing in the sky may or may not have changed everything.

OK, Jimmy, seriously…why are you not reading this fun series from Image Comics?

Oh, here’s a review for the fourth volume of Chew, subtitled Flambe.

If the third volume was something of set-up for the future, then this volume puts a few more pieces into play behind the scenes as Tony and his partner John Colby continue to look into food-related crimes.  The problem for Tony and John is not only does their superior keep sending them on the most dangerous missions possible, but the alien writing in the sky, writing that no one can actually read (well….), is having the U.S. government shift money from the FDA and to NASA.  Hey, guess where Tony’s twin sister works?

But the bigger movements are with Tony’s various enemies, in the form of the “vampire” and his original FDA partner Mason Savoy.  So, while Tony and John deal with different types of food psychics, like the high schooler who can put mind control type stuff into food or the North Korean general who has some sort of bioweapon prepped that the USDA (a much more paramilitary type of group made up of women and animals), Savoy is looking for allies among people Tony knows and the vampire is doing…something else.

Writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory continue to crank out a fun series.  Seriously, Jimmy, why aren’t you reading this?  Nine and a half out of ten parachuting goldfish.