December 7, 2023

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Deadwood “True Colors”

Season Three, Episode Three.

The stagecoach comes to Deadwood, and it’s dropping people off.  Some new arrivals make things more interesting for some people, and not always in a good way for all involved.

Besides, at least one of these people has been to the camp before.

Here’s who we have on the stage:

Jack Langrishe

Jack, an old friend of Al’s and played by the great Brian Cox, is a theatrical performer looking to set up shop.  Al gives him the tour and…that’s it.  He’s a charming fellow, and that’s all I will say about that for now.

Aunt Lou

Aunt Lou is an African American cook working for Hearst.  She’s his preferred cook, and she’s really good at it.  She actually bonds quickly with Farnum’s assistant Richardson.  She actually seems a bit jolly and fun.

Mr. Wu

And here’s where it gets interesting.  A more Westernized Wu, knowing more words in English than he left, returns to take over the Chinese delegation that will be working for Hearst.  But he and Al have their usual arrangement, and Swearengen isn’t going to sit for Hearst running the camp as he sees fit.

Al isn’t the only one.  His unlikely ally Bullock also learns Hearst issues threats to everyone no matter who they are…even the sheriff.  The abuse and murder of Hearst’s miners isn’t sitting well with Bullock, since the law and the elections have to mean something and not just be about giving Hearst control of the camp.

Swearengen knows that too, and he’s more of a plotting type than a direct confrontation type.  So, while Hearst is making deals, including threats to Alma when she won’t sell her claim, Bullock fumes and Swearengen plans.

I really wish this show hadn’t ended before everything was resolved right about now.