January 21, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee”

In which Homer becomes a World Cup referee.

To keep Lisa happy, Homer does some weird stuff.

Like become a World Cup referee.

Yes, when a recreation of the Lincoln/Douglass debate goes about as well as can be expected at Springfield Elementary, Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers come up with a plan to make the students put on their own presentation:  by having them give a speech discussing who their heroes are, and then giving a college scholarship to the winner.  Corporate sponsorship handles the scholarship and only requires Skinner to dress as a giant sandwich.

Now Lisa thinks he has it in the bag, what with her Marie Curie speech all lined up.  And then Martin gets up and gives a speech on the same person.  In a panic, Lisa runs out and has to quickly come up with a new topic.  Bart, who apparently is not at all participating in what looked like a mandatory event, suggests Homer.  Lisa points out lots of kids are talking about their fathers.  Bart points out Homer is a real challenge, since most kids are talking about having good fathers.  The real challenge would be to make Homer look good.

Lisa, having no better options, takes that.  And she does have some stuff to say, like how he once worked two jobs so she could have a pony.  Now there’s a deep cut.  Then she mentions a few other things, and finally goes into great detail on the time her was a referee for her youth soccer league and unlike every other parent to ever hold such a position, he never once favored Lisa when she blatantly tried to cheat a bit, making him the most honest soccer referee in the history of youth sports.

Then Skinner declares a tie and nobody gets a scholarship, but the speeches went online and somehow Lisa’s went viral, which is not as scary as Homer initially thinks, and FIFA wants Homer to be an actual referee for the World Cup since he’s so darn honest.

Homer accepts and finds the flight to Brazil to be so-so.  Marge is trying hard to learn Portuguese, a running gag that mostly involves annoying Brazilians.  Lisa gives up her seat to an older woman.  And so forth.  But then when the Simpsons arrive in a country they’ve been to before, Homer actually does officiate honestly.  So, you know, when various gangsters try to bribe him, he consistently refuses because he is Lisa’s hero.

Say, would Bart tell Homer he wasn’t Lisa’s first choice?  Of course he would.

Would Homer be depressed but ultimately decide to be the sort of man Lisa described even if he wasn’t her first choice?  Yes, yes he would.

Would international soccer announcer Andres Cantor do a guest spot as himself.  Obviously.

Would Homer be threatened when he refuses to concede that a player that may have died is faking it and refuse to call a penalty?  Uh huh.

Can Marge save him with her newfound Portuguese skills?  Strangely, yes.

And what about the old lady Lisa switched seats with?  Oh, it turns out she’s the lead gangster’s mother.  So, between her and Marge, Homer is off the hook.

Plus, that guy really was faking it and emerges from his grave when Homer refuses to call a penalty. Lisa is proud.  Homer is happy.

Then they see a Krustyburger being built in rainforest.  That makes Homer happy too.

Krusty won’t be if those monkeys he rounded up for burger meat take Mr. Teeny’s advice and maul Krusty at the first opportunity.

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