June 22, 2024

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Black Mirror “Black Museum”

Series Four Finale.

You know, this may not be a good episode to pair with Gravity Falls.

Just sayin’.

So, a young woman from, she says, Britain, stops to charge her solar car outside a museum in the middle of the desert.  What museum?  The Black Museum, and the owner is one Rolo Haynes.  The woman, Nish, wants to pass the time and Haynes doesn’t get many visitors lately.  What museum is this?  Well, it’s a museum of real crime artifacts, most notably a show room full of Easter eggs to previous Black Mirror episodes.

But after telling a story about one device that caused a doctor to feel the pain of his patients to better diagnose them which, of course, when horribly wrong (and that section was based on a story by Penn Jillette, so it isn’t related to anything else), Nish is show a stuffed monkey that has a human consciousness inside of it.  It’s a woman who, after an accident, first had her mind transferred to her boyfriend’s in order to see their child grow up, and when that went horribly wrong because who wouldn’t want another human being locked up inside their skull 24/7 even if it is someone you love, the mind was switched over to a stuffed monkey with limited communication skills.  And that was eventually ignored because kids and ex-boyfriends with jealous girlfriends suck.

But the museum’s big piece?  Well, Haynes used to work in some sort of medical R&D company that got permission to get the digital soul of a (probably wrongfully) condemned man once the guy got the chair, and he was reborn as a hologram in a cell.  That seems rather tame…oh wait, visitors can give the guy the chair again and he’ll feel the pain.  Does the guy have any family?  Well, Haynes says no.


See, Nish isn’t British.  She’s American.  The hologram man, mentally a vegetable thanks to racists and perverts shocking him too much, is her father.  And she poisoned Haynes.,  What next?  Download Haynes into her dad, mercy kill her old man and take both out, exit with the stuffed monkey and set the museum on fire before driving off.

Oh, and her mom was looking out of her eyes the whole time.

Yeah, that’s a Black Mirror story all right.

Nine out of ten ambiguous endings.

But it looks like it’s time to pick a new show for Tuesdays.  How about the Steven Soderbergh-produced Western mini-series Godless that got appeared on Netflix?

It’s got a mostly-female cast.  That should be interesting.