November 29, 2021

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Watson Reviews: Mute (Spoiler Free)

The spiritual sequel to Moon just dropped on Netflix. Could it live up to its predecessor?

A film by Duncan Jones that is being hailed as the spiritual sequel to his cult classic, Moon, has dropped on Netflix.  Was it cinema worthy or streamin’ for a reas’n?

So…it was cinema worthy in that it didn’t feel like a made for DVD film. Buuuuttttt it was not a movie that would have been good regardless of the venue.

Mute tells the story of Leo, a man raised Amish and, as a result of a childhood accident was left a mute. (Ooohhh! That’s the name of the movie!)

So, Leo now lives in near future Berlin, and runs afoul of some underworld goons in a dispute at the bar where he works. When his girlfriend goes missing, he must enter a shady underworld to try to find her.

One character he meets is Cactus Bill an American deserter from some Great War brewing in Europe who has been earning his keep as a mob doctor.

Then a whole lot of nuthin’ happens for about 1:45. Like stuff happens, and seemingly unrelated plots line up, but it doesn’t really matter.

Alexander Skarsgård (Battleship), who plays Leo, has zero presence in the film, and as the titular character that is kind of important. Because he is playing a mute, it is important he be able to carry the narrative with a strong physical presence. Though I thank his physical presence for getting my ex-wife hot and bothered when we watched True Blood during our loveless marriage, that did no good here…

Paul Rudd (he’s freaking Ant-Man) actually delivered a very strong performance as Cactus Bill, but sadly the script was not worthy of him. I honestly would have preferred the movie to be just about this crass, volatile degenerate. He has a lot of screen time, but it’s not enough to save Mute.

The only moment, other than Rudd’s scenes, that really stands out is a small sequence that ties back to Moon in a very amusing way. Quality cameo cut away.

I get where Duncan Jones was going, but he didn’t make it there. During a disappointing moment in the film, my son Clayton said “I no longer like this movie…just kidding…I never liked this movie…”

Couldn’t have said it better. Maybe he should write for Gabbing Geek so we would have two movie reviewers…

Overall, I give MUTE 3 “Double Penetration Sex Droids” out of 10.

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