June 12, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Winter Of His Content”

In which Bart joins the bullies and Homer grows old before his time.

What would it take for Marge to fall out of love with Homer?  Well, if he got older than her.  Like, noticeably.

The problem begins when the Retirement Castle closes down due to too many health code violations like vending machines that dispense rats instead of soda and nurses that are clearly lifeless mannequins.  That means Grampa has to move back in with the other Simpsons when Marge refuses to even consider setting him up in a kennel.  But then Marge sees Jasper and the Old Jewish Guy also lack families and takes the two of them in as well.

Homer isn’t too happy, but then Lisa asks him to change his ways when she points out his treatment of Grampa is her role model for how to treat her own parents if they ever get that age.  Since no one ages on this show, she has nothing to worry about, but that prompts Homer to bond with the old men and he starts acting old before his time.

Meanwhile, Bart stands up for Nelson when it is revealed during gym class that Nelson wears his mom’s hand-me-downs for underwear.  Since Bart wears Homer’s baggy left-overs, he can help out, but that means he’s helped a bully, and soon Bart finds himself inducted into the bully club with Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney.  He didn’t necessarily want that to happen.  It just did.

But then there’s the big bully summit in Six Flags over Krustyland, and when the big honcho Clarence, a fellow who once split a kid in half with a wedgie, is calling for unity with a long, “Can you dig it!” he gets hit with a slingshot.  Who has a slingshot?  Bart, but he didn’t do it.  Now Springfield’s bullies have to get through all kinds of weirdoes and oddballs.

And I mean weirdoes and oddballs.


Now, Nelson does sacrifice himself taking out a mascot of some kind, and the whole thing looks like The Warriors, but when Bart and the others escape back to their turf and are confronted by the guy who actually framed Bart…in wanders Homer and the old men.  Homer remembers Bart is his son and he’s 38, so he goes over and punches the guy who’s been harassing Bart all night…and that works, because he’s a bully and has never been in a real fight in his life.  As such, everyone goes home.

Well, maybe Nelson stopped rolling at some point.