February 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Steal This Episode”

In which Homer goes to court after illegally downloading movies.

Marge’s guilty conscience gets Homer in trouble.  That sort of thing maybe shouldn’t happen.

Watercooler talk at the Power Plant, plus everywhere else, is all about the latest Radioactive Man movie.  Homer hasn’t seen it, but that doesn’t stop Lenny and Carl, plus everyone else, from dropping spoilers.  Fed up, Homer finally goes to the movie, taking Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Grampa with him.  That means for a 3D show at night a $72 tab, plus whatever Maggie’s babysitter gets paid.  And what happens?  Homer complains about stuff and gets tossed out.

You’d think this would be the end.  Actually, no you wouldn’t.  That’s only about ten minutes of the episode, tops.  But Bart has a way for Homer to see the movie.  It involves an illegal download.  Homer does ask if its legal.  Of course it isn’t.  It’s so illegal that as Bart guides Homer through it, the Fox network works in footage from a NASCAR race to cover up Bart’s directions.  But now that Homer has the means to watch stuff for free, he does something uncharacteristic and sets up a backyard movie screening for the latest movies.  That promotes neighborhood unity.  Nothing can go wrong here, right?

Well, yes.  Marge feels guilty about stealing and sends the studio a check for her ticket and an apology note.  The cokehead who opens the letter sends it to the FBI, where a really hard-nosed Deputy Director in charge of tracking down video pirates (guest star Will Arnett) is all over that and soon a commando unit storms Homer’s next screening and takes him away.  And it turns out that other prisoners really care about that sort of thing.  If a near collision with an oncoming train hadn’t happened, Homer might not have even made it to the prison himself.  But he gets home and the Simpsons go to hide at the Swedish consulate, since Sweden has no issue with video piracy.  The FBI tries blasting death metal from Judas Priest and guest star Rob Halford, but the Swedes likes that stuff too.  Homer only gives himself up when he learns Marge betrayed him.

But then the wonder of wonders happen.  While guest star Judd Apatow is near tears recounting his personal loses from video piracy, even with a laughing guest star Seth Rogan in the audience, Homer recounts the story from his point of view, and in the act of forgiving Marge, so moves the producers that they decide to make Homer’s story into a movie.  Homer agrees to sell the rights to whoever can get guest star Channing Tatum to gain the most weight.  That may be Apatow, which means his usual gang is also in the movie in the form of guest stars Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and that laughing Seth Rogan again.

So, Homer might be in a good mood until he sees his neighbors have set up an illegally downloaded screening of his movie a week before it opens.  And that, now that he has a financial stake involved, he won’t accept.

I don’t think anyone learned a lesson here.