April 24, 2024

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MCU Rewatch Issue #7: Iron Man 3

MCU Phase 1 was awesome. How will Phase 2 hold up? The Geeks look for the answer with a rewatch of Iron Man 3.

Everyone loves Iron Man.  Everyone but Jenny dislikes Iron Man 2.  How will the end of Marvel’s first trilogy fare?

tomkIron Man 3

Trailers before the Blu-ray menu: Thor 2, Agents of SHIELD, Lego Marvel video game, The Lone Ranger, and a direct to home video Iron Man and Hulk animated movie.

What is worse in 1999: Happy’s hair or Killian’s hair?

Tony and Rhodey have such great banter in this one.

Christmas references…

I like Guy Pierce but I never recognize him when I see him in something. Guy’s a chameleon.

Christmas references…

I know people give Tony grief for publicly giving the Mandarin his address, but as a high profile public figure, would he really have been that hard to find?

watson: Tom is talking to himself again…

tomk: I prefer live streaming.

watson: Makes for wonderful chat conversation…

tomk: I need to spot all the Christmas references before Jenny gets here to deny the holiday spirit.

The kid sees Tony’s face in the newspaper and also doesn’t know who he is…

Christmas references…

Christmas references…

Christmas references…

Christmas pageant…

Christmas ornament bomb…

Christmas dinner with Miguel Ferrer…

Christmas references…

Christmas fireworks…

Christmas coda…

My understanding is when Iron Man 3 rolled around, RDJ had some say over who would take over directorial duties. And, as much as Iron Man revived his career in many ways, Downey probably also owes a debt to writer/director Shane Black since Black put Downey in his directorial debut with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Black had been writing scripts for a while and has since moved behind the camera, often specializing in action films where two mismatched characters banter back and forth in amusing ways with their differing views on life. Black wrote most of the scripts for the Lethal Weapon series, and most recently he wrote and directed The Nice Guys. Iron Man 3 feels very much like one of his works, especially with the Tony/Rhodey repartee. Of course, Black sets all his movies around Christmas for some rather consumes this movie, to the point where only a real Grinch wouldn’t be able to see it.

Personally, I like this one, what with the mid-air catch scene and all, but I suspect that for many people, their level of enjoyment is based on how well they react to the Mandarin reveal, to say nothing of their overall holiday spirit.

jimmy: My God, I HATE this movie. I honestly can’t think of a single thing about it that I like. I feel like Ruffalo in the end credits scene.

tomk: Not even the mid-air catch sequence?

jimmy: Fine, that was OK. But doesn’t make up for the absolute crap fest that this movie is. You know, I thought Iron Man 2 was a bad movie, but I would watch that 100 times before watching this again.

tomk: Well, I would walk 500 miles just to see something fun from Shane Black…OK, maybe not.
This is what comes when I have the Proclaimers playing in the background as I reply…

jimmy: Great song.

And I don’t mind Black usually. But nothing about the movie works for me. I hate Tony’s anxiety attacks. I hate him hanging out with the kid. I hate that he gives out his address…and then the bad guys show up and missiles the place…because no one in the area KNOWS WHERE TONY STARK LIVES!!! I hate that the kid knows who Stark is, has a newspaper about him being dead…and then DOESN’T KNOW WHO HE IS???? I hate Guy Pearce and all his lame friends and their lame powers. I hate the end when 500 Iron Man suits show up. I hate Tony jumping from suit to suit. I hate Pepper with her powers. I hate the “fireworks display”.

I did like when Tony wrapped Pepper in the armor during the missile attack. So there’s that.

tomk: Huh.
The address thing is weird. No one knows where Tony lives?
OK, for me….I liked Guy Pearce, but wished we got more from Rebecca Hall (Black wanted a female villain and got that shot down for reasons to anger Jenny). I thought that redhead who came to arrest Tony was hot, even if Tony didn’t. The anxiety wouldn’t bother me much if it wasn’t something he solved rather quickly. I liked the way Tony and Rhodey interacted. I liked how the movie showed Tony could be pretty impressive on his own without a suit, as seen when he raids a hardware store for some do-it-yourself tech. I liked the way the movie actually put in enough elements to make this movie seem like the cap to a trilogy unlike Ragnarok and Civil War. That montage of all three movies during the closing credits actually works well for me. I liked the suit hopping and the multiple suit attacks, though why he didn’t do that sooner (like to defend his house) is another story. And it is a Black twist that Happy’s goofy paranoia and self-importance actually leads to a real bad guy and gets Tony involved.

But there was also the implication that former American servicemen would turn to terrorism with the promise of a new limb.

And then Pearce was some kind of weird combo of the original character, the Mandarin, and the Melter.

Man, maybe I shouldn’t think so much about this movie. It does do a lot of creative stuff with the armor, like how Tony’s gauntlet flies off to pull him out of the rubble.

jimmy: That was smart.

But you brought up another thing that bothered me. In the middle of the film Tony basically turns into James Bond. But then at the end when he is with Rhodes he is running behind him all “what do I do now? Is this a gun? What do I shoot at? Hey! I shot something buddy! Did you see that!?!?!”

tomk: He’d have been fine if he built the gun himself.

watson: This one falls under the “It was ok but I wouldn’t want to see it again but did because of the Geek rewatch…”

tomk: It’s no Thor: The Dark World.
Hey, Tony cleared out a Best Buy for that kid!

jimmy: The kid won’t remember. He has some form of short term memory problem.

I know they happen in every movie, but product placement really bugged me here. Jarvis mentioning the Oracle servers (Tony wouldn’t build his own?) and then Tony and super creepy Tony Stalker guy having a conversation in the broadcast van in front of an Oracle logo that takes up 1/4 of the screen and is better framed than the two actors.

watson: Larry Ellison was even IN Iron Man 2 at StarkExpo so he and Tony ARE business colleagues.

(Note: Since none of you pieces of crap know Technology, Ellison is the super billionaire founder of Oracle…)

tomk: (Note: Since I don’t know who Larry Ellison is, I assumed he was the guy from F-Troop.)

watson: (Note: I hate you, Tom)

tomk: (Noted.)

watson: The Air Force One rescue was cool but insulted the laws of physics. They rescue the last guy moments before impact. He was well beyond the point of rescue as stopping his descent would have been about as harmful as him hitting the ground. Terminal velocity had been reached and he would have gone all Gwen Stacy.

jimmy: lol, nice references.

watson: It’s amazing that RDJ is considered the lynchpin of the MCU, his films drive the biggest box office, and yet two of his three solo pictures aren’t that great…

jimmy: I thought the same thing

tomk: You know, I think I liked this one more than the rest of you, but I would agree it isn’t great. There’s a part of me that was happy to see this one and yet I wouldn’t mind never seeing it again.
But the movie does give off a real Lethal Weapon feel for me. It’s the most 80s movie in the MCU. And since Jenny is constantly reminding me the 80s were awesome, I assume her problem with the movie is she hates Christmas.

That or it badly fails the Bechdel Test. Finally two female characters with a significant amount of screentime together, and all they talk about is either Tony or Killian.

Though having seen the Elon Musk episode of The Simpsons and 15:17 to Paris, I am fine with people who are not actors not appearing in this movie as friends to Tony Stark no matter who Larry Ellison is.

watson: Elon Musk was also in Iron Man 2
Where was the Stan Lee cameo in this one?

tomk: I was aware of Musk. Stan appears on a TV monitor as a judge of the beauty pageant.

watson: Ah. Must have looking at my phone reading your play by play review of the film.

tomk: Considering Stan once did something called “Striparella,” I am not surprised he was put there.

jimmy: While it takes place at Christmas, I didn’t find it overly Christmas-y like Die Hard.

tomk: Well, it’s not as Christmas-y as Die Hard or Gremlins, but it is more Christmas-y than the live action Grinch…I am assuming. I avoided that abomination.

jimmy: I like The Grinch.

tomk: It has a Canadian lead actor. I assumed Jimmy was required by law to enjoy it.

jimmy: …this is true…

tomk: I thought the Newmans were participating in this? How many comments to deliberately bait Jenny do I have to make?

jimmy: Maybe they haven’t watched yet. Maybe they’re still in bed. Maybe they hate Christmas.

tomk: Jenny didn’t want Pepper to be literally empowered either.

watson: Maybe it’s because the conversation was done before any of us even started the movie…
(Looking at Tom)

jimmy: I just ignore Tom, I mean the chat, until I finish watching.

tomk: I didn’t do anything I didn’t do for the entire Fast and the Furious rewatch.

jimmy: You’re not dealing with easy going East Cider drinking Ryan now though.

tomk: Hard drinking Watson. Got it.

jimmy: And is it any surprise that I despise a film that Ryan probably thinks is the best in the MCU?

tomk: Is it here where I say something about Krull and/or Iron Fist?

jimmy: Only if it is derogatory.

watson: I saw this one in the theater with Ryan. I remember him liking it but I don’t remember him doing backflips.

Not that he could do backflips…

tomk: I thought Besher did the backflips in that family.

watson: …or any other strenuous exercise.
That kid has mad hops!

tomk: Maybe he can team up with Tony Stark in Iron Man 4.

watson: So that’s a good question: will we ever see a RDJ Iron Man solo film? Or has he just moved into cheeky supporting character mode?

jimmy: The latter.

tomk: I can’t imagine he has that many more MCU appearances left in him period.

watson: Is Avengers 4 his last appearance?

tomk: I suspect so.

jimmy: Ryan believes the whole universe gets rebooted in Avengers 4, so they’ll probably bring in new actors at that point.

tomk: That I don’t see. They probably want trilogies out of Ant-Man and Dr. Strange. And probably Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

jimmy: Me neither, but you know, it’s Ryan.

watson: That has a Crisis on Infinite Earths/Teen Titans problem. You want to do a reboot, but it screws over hot and fresh iterations.

tomk: I would think they maybe recast the original Avengers but mostly just move on and the “bold new direction” is mostly just they make the movies less interconnected.

watson: Yeah. Captain Marvel finally gets a solo film and they reboot. Please god no. I gotta deal with Jenny.

Then they reconnect again later so we are excited to see the NEW actors together.

tomk: The thing is, literally anyone can be Iron Man since it’s just the suit. It doesn’t have to be Tony Stark. There are two possible replacement Captain Americas waiting in the wings. Yeah, other Thors and Hulks are probably out, but you can show some characters moving on and maybe you get a five minute cameo from Chris Evans every so often and that’s that.

jimmy: But that’s too “real life”. They’d be better off just replacing them with new actors and continuing the same continuity.

tomk: Wouldn’t it be nice to see Don Chedle get a solo movie next, for example?

jimmy: No.

tomk: The guy’s a good actor, and he’s basically done small supporting roles in his every MCU appearance.

jimmy: I like Cheadle. But no one wants a Don Cheadle solo Iron Man movie.

tomk: Then make it a War Machine movie.

jimmy: No one wants that either. 😉

tomk: He’s the government-sponsored superhero. The military part, not SHIELD like Cap was for a period.

Maybe he can put together a team of his own. It could be him, Carol Danvers, and some other military-related types to butt heads with Thunderbolt Ross over stuff.

Toss in a Red Hulk and you have something.

jimmy: I just don’t see it. It might work for comic fans of varying degrees, but there is only so far the casual viewer is going to go.

But anyway, that’s for another time. Back to how crappy IM3 was. 😉

tomk: You’re right about the casual viewer. It’s not like Marvel doesn’t have any other high profile characters with a military background that would be instantly recognizable and that Disney might have recently acquired.

Or, I dunno, someone Netflix played around with a bit.

Yeah, let’s just talk about Ben Kingsley.

jimmy: Ok, so I didn’t love the twist the first time I saw it, but it worked, kinda, I guess. But knowing the twist the second go round, I just found the Mandarin incredibly annoying.

But Kingsley was great.

tomk: I actually liked that, but mostly because the Mandarin would be a…problematic character in this day and age in the best of times. Even if something was done about his original appearance, something that wouldn’t cause the sorts of problems Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One had, there was still the basic idea that he was a guy with ten magic (or alien) rings. Iron Man usually deals with more tech-centered bad guys, so that was going to be weird at best. Making him a terrorist was a good step in that direction, and I just loved the fact the “Mandarin” was a drug-addled patsy.

Then again, I suspect a person’s enjoyment of this film is heavily influenced by how they took the Mandarin twist.

Or, like Jenny, they hate bullets flying around in their Christmas movies.

watson: I freaking LOVED that twist. It was a sharp stick in the eye to you fanboy assholes. Brilliant! We finally catch the dreaded Mandarin in person and his first comment is to two hookers about his smelly dump! AWESOME!

tomk: Wasn’t there a Marvel short (one I didn’t see) that showed Kinglsey in jail with the hint that there is another, real Mandarin out there?

watson: Yes. That was done entirely to placate you fanboy assholes. I really hate you fanboys.



watson: It was attached to Thor 2 DVD extras.

tomk: Stop lumping me in there. I dug the twist, goddammit!

watson: Fine. You are a different kind of asshole. Happy?

tomk: What about Happy Hogan?

watson: He’s an asshole.

jimmy: Happy walked a very fine line between funny and annoying.

(Note: that All the Hail King short is better than Iron Man 3)

tomk: Happy is the reason Tony even got involved.

Though I did wonder how Favreau felt about taking someone else’s direction in a world he helped create..

jimmy: Especially since it was RDJ that picked Black.

watson: I think after Iron Man 1, when Happy started getting plotlines, he’s always walked that fine line. I find Favreau incredibly likable since Swingers and Rudy, so I will allow it.

Favreau could have directed IM3. He wanted to leave. I don’t sense any bitterness. His career is doing JUST FINE!

tomk: Putting him more in front of the camera allows him to do stuff…then he spends most of the movie unconscious.

watson: He turned down IM3 to make Chef. The world benefited from that decision. Not only was it a fun and charming film, it included Gabbing Geek favorite Austin establishment: Franklin’s BBQ!
Know what they sell at Franklin’s in addition to the best BBQ in the world?

tomk: Some sort of cider-like product?

watson: That’s right, Tom. Delicious Austin Eastcider!

tomk: At this rate, I don’t think Jenny is coming until after Jimmy does the math for the averages to mess with his scoring process.

We hit her with Christmas, feminism, the Bedchel Test, and now Eastcider.

jimmy: They still have lots of time before they are in the theater seeing Black Panther over and over and over again.

watson: We mentioned Miguel Ferrera as the Chief of Staff (aside…the Chief of Staff is always a bad guy), and I didn’t realize that he recently died and was George Clooney’s cousin.

tomk: He’s the Vice President.

jimmy: I knew he died. I only knew the Clooney connection because of Tom.

tomk: Ferrer did a lot DCAU voice work.

jimmy: And lots of memorable supporting movie roles.

tomk: Plus, the president’s name is Ellis after Warren who wrote the original Extremis storyline that I am pretty sure had very little in common with this movie’s plot.

watson: Ah. VP. Even better. I think he played a Chief of Staff elsewhere. Most notable role? Robocop!

tomk: He wasn’t a bad guy in that one! Just a sleazeball.

jenny: Hey! Just now coming in to chat – we still on IM3?

tomk: That was two weeks ago.

jenny: har har
I mean – are you guys sick of talking about it. Did I miss the boat?

jimmy: Add any thoughts you want about this crapfest Jenny.

jenny: That IM3 is a piece of shit movie?

tomk: Or under appreciated gem. Someone might think that.

jenny: I’ll give you my deeper analysis in just a minute. Let me take a shit – take a picture of that shit – and then post it here.

jimmy: And I’m gonna have to resend this article to the ratings board.

tomk: Come on, Jenny. We’re talking about IM3, not IM2.

jennyIM2 is FAAAAR superior.
superior iron man, if you must.

jimmyIM2 is awful…but it is better than IM3.

jenny: Okay, okay, give me a minute. I’ll give you my 2 cents.

watsonIM3…certainly better than IM2…that’s the MCU’s answer to Poochie!

jenny: Things I hate about IM3:

– First, the entire story. It feels so forced and disjointed. We’re supposed to believe that the big bad wants to destroy Tony (and the world along with it) because he got stood up? Really? Fucking get over it.
– Second, Tony doesn’t feel like Tony. There is little confidence in what he’s doing – I agree with Jimmy that here is this guy who’s supposed to be one of the worlds top genius’ and yet he can’t fire a gun with Roady? Really?
– We don’t need the kid storyline. Worthless. He brings nothing to the story that we couldn’t get without him.
– We don’t need the fake Mandarin storyline. Why waste an amazing villain like that? Why make him a bumbling fool? And then turn around and make AIM something we should care about. It’s the super soldier serum all over again. We saw that in Cap 1 – we didn’t need to rehash it here with Tony’s band of merry villains.
– We don’t need Pepper at all. Actually, I hate everything about her in this movie. It’s one of Tony’s main motivations to get his head out of his ass and save the world. It’s boardering on fridging, and I don’t like that. When they tried to make her look badass, it was poorly done, and thus (to me) made the character weaker, and less compelling.
– We’re supposed to go from this movie where Tony blows up all of his suits to Age of Ultron where he’s got 100 suits again? What is this tomfoolery. It was like the people who wrote IM3 said – let’s make a feel good movie about a damsel in distress, and this guy who finds himself. But – they missed the mark on both accounts.

watson: I have many of the same criticisms but at far less magnitude.

jenny: The only thing I like about this movie is that we get a new piece-mail suit for Tony… that’s it.

tomk: See, I suspect I may be the movie’s biggest defender here, and I took a minute to look over the list of Phase Two movies, and quite frankly, depending on how you feel about Ant-Man, there aren’t a lot of really great movies. You get Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, and then a lot of more mediocre films (again, depending on how you feel about Ant-Man…I could go either way on that one).
But one of the things that jumps out to me in these comic book adaptations–most of which are not overly faithful to whatever stories are used as source material–is that the MCU works hard to create a certain level of reality for its films. It’s why so many of the Avengers don’t really have superpowers. It’s why no one even thinks of using magic until Doctor Strange shows up. It’s why I suspect that if/when Thanos gets all the Infinity Stones together, he’s not going to have the sort of total control of all reality to rewrite existence as he did in the comics. As such, the movies have to build off what’s been established.

jenny: I disagree. I think Marvel has really hit the mark with most of their movies.
IM3 and Hulk are the exceptions.
Well – maybe Dark world too.

tomkThor The Dark World and Avengers Age of Ultron are hitting the mark?
Phase Two is this, Thor 2, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultron, and Ant-Man.

jennyAAoU wasn’t that bad at all.

tomk: Coming off Avengers, IM3 and Thor 2 were letdowns.
And I say this as someone who generally likes these movies.
But getting back to my thoughts here, this is what I generally like about Iron Man 3: it’s a Shane Black movie with a Marvel influence. So many MCU movies in the early going have a generic feel to them, and that feel is basically Jon Favreau/Joss Whedon’s respective styles and humor. A few director teams get away from that, such as the Russos and James Gunn (and I think since Gunn’s stuff is set far away from Earth he can get away with a lot more).
But this is, in my mind, the MCU as an 80s action movie, the kind Black wrote so many of in the 80s. Yes, it reduces Pepper to a damsel in distress, but they did the same thing with so many other women in the 80s. I would hope Tony is a little shaken by almost getting nuked, too. He was the Avenger who came closest to dying in New York. My biggest gripe is he pushes that aside so quickly. And he’s not an all-purpose action hero, so why should he be good with a gun without a targeting computer like JARVIS helping out? That’s Rhodey’s department, and this movie may have given Cheadle the best stuff he had to deal with in the entire series.

jenny: we’re not in the 80’s anymore – that’s not an excuse to me.

tomk: Essentially, I feel like IM3 really feels like the end of a trilogy, something none of the other MCU trilogies have accomplished thus far. He got the shrapnel removed from his heart, and he may have blown up his suits, but he picks up a screwdriver before he drives away at the end of the movie with whatever tech he could salvage. No wonder Pepper dumped him before Civil War. We don’t see her again until Homecoming.

And Jenny, you keep reminding me the 80s are awesome.

jenny: When we’re looking back and talking about “Walk Like an Egyptian” – but not for the MCU 🙂
Maybe that’s just it Tom
Maybe this was so full of old tropes that I got upset.

tomk: Really, I think how much a person enjoys this movie comes down to how well they take the Mandarin reveal. I liked it. Watson liked it. We like the movie better than Jenny and Jimmy, who both hated it. The Mandarin was never going to be incorporated as he appears in any comic book. This is fitting the Mandarin in into the universe that the MCU has established. If they’d maybe had Dr. Strange appear before now, then maybe we could have a guy with magic rings. If it came out after Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe alien rings would work. Tony was working with technology-based bad guys, one of whom here comments how THOR, not Iron Man, changed the game.

And a guy holding a lifelong grudge is Victor Von Doom’s reason for hating Reed Richards, so don’t knock that one just yet.

watson: I think Marvel films are all fairly decent…but it’s because with few exceptions they play it safe and settle for decent. Mediocrity…

tomk: Heck, Lex Luthor’s original motivation to be evil was Superman accidentally made him bald.

Someone made that call – it was a bad call to me.

tomk: Because he’s Tony’s biggest enemy.

jenny: Then save him and do him right.
Don’t shoehorn him into a movie and not even do the character justice.
You know?
Make the movie just about AIM
At this point – it’s the story I have the most problems with.
They didn’t have a solid story – it was all over the place. And thus – made for a bad movie.


How do they work this character into the MCU without radically changing him?

And that’s one of the less racist caricatures I could find.
They hinted at him as a terrorist in the first one.
Terrorist leader makes sense. No magic rings.
Even his name is problematic.

jenny: If they want to use Mandarine, then save him for when it makes sense. They have been updating characters in a modern era through this whole thing, they can do it.

tomk: But he’s Joker to Tony’s Batman. It’s not like Iron Man has a huge, extensive, Spider-Man-like rogue’s gallery to pull from.

And Jenny, I would argue they DID update him to the modern era.

jenny: They did – and then wasted it with a bafoon reveal.
They didn’t need to go there.
They didn’t need to do that.

tomk: Except at the end, when Killian says he is the real Mandarin.
He’s the man pulling the strings.
He’s the terrorist leader.

jenny: Killian – AIM – that whole storyline mucked everything up. It was sloppy.

tomk: The buffoon was a front.

jenny: They could have just had the Mandarin be smart – terrifying – and everything in between.

tomk: It’s like in the Christmas classic Die Hard…the bad guys posed as terrorists when really they were thieves. Here, they posed as terrorists while acting as some sort of industrial crooks manipulating the halls of power.

jenny: It’s like there were two ideas on the table, and instead of picking one, they said – LET’S MERG THEM! It’s Iron Man Villain soup.

tomk: Put their guy in the Oval Office, control the country that way. That’s a fairly clever take on world domination, and Iron Man Villain soup is nothing new when you consider the bad guy from IM2 is a mishmash between Whiplash and the Crimson Dynamo.

Look, there’s no harm in hating on a movie, any movie. I like this one but don’t love it. I see what it was trying to do and appreciate it. But I don’t expect these things to be faithful adaptations because so far they haven’t been. It’s why I don’t think the Infinity Gauntlet is going to magically recast half the Avengers.

And now that I think about it, Killian’s motivation is a lot like Justin Hammer’s…he wants to prove he’s better than the smartass who gets all the girls.

jenny: TIRED TROPE….

watson: I flat out LOVE the Mandarin reveal. Might be a too five best MCU moment ever.

jenny: I hate you.

watson: You are dead inside. This is known.

jenny: 🙂

tomk: Do you think Jenny would be this upset if Benedict Cumberbatch had been the Mandarin?
Oh well, that’s my case. I really think overall enjoyment of the movie comes down to how much a person likes what they did with Ben Kingsley.

jenny: (or if they like good storytelling or not) 🙂

tomk: “Good storytelling” is a matter of personal opinion.

jenny: Can we all agree that Krull is NOT an example of good storytelling?

tomk: Obviously. Only insane maniacs love Krull.
It’s right up there with people who loved Netflix’s Iron Fist.

watson: So anyone want to spend more time on a film that ranges from hate crime to Meh? Or move on to the rankings?

jenny: MOVE ON!

tomk: I want to hear from Jonathan!

watson: Ok. I give Iron Man 3 exactly 7 “Hulkbusters” out of 10. Same as Incredible Hulk!

tomk: I’ll go a little higher. 8 out of 10 Angry Jennies.

jenny: This movie is trash – I give it 5 piece-mail suits out of 10. I would go lower – but Marvel gets at least 5 points for putting their name on it.

tomk: This isn’t the SAT, Jenny. You don’t get automatic points just for putting your name on something.

jenny: Today…you do.

watson: Marvel Zombie. No wonder she hated the Mandarin reveal!

jimmy: Geez. I go to bed for 6 hours and you guys go crazy. I give Iron Man 3 6 It’s The Worst Of The MCU Only Confirmed By The Fact Ryan Likes It out of 10. Which even feels a bit high, but that’s the number my brain tells me it should be.

I’ll give Johnathan some time to add a score (and any comments) before initiating the Calcutron-8000 to get the overall scores.

watson: I am doubting my 7 given Ryan’s enjoyment. Jimmy speaks some truth…

jenny: @jonathan: the people have spoken, they want to hear your score.

watson: The people have spoken, but no one could hear them over Jenny’s tirade…

jenny: Why is it that when I give my opinion it’s a tirade, but when Tom does his bit, it’s a review? I don’t like these gender imbalances you are proposing Watson. :-p

watson: Oh. It’s because I actually read YOUR posts. I think that is more of a compliment.

tomk: Yeah, you get a tirade. I get ignored, like my reviews for Cloverfield, Bladerunner 2024, and Force Awakens.

jimmy: I read those reviews Tom. You did an excellent job.

tomk: Thank you, Jimmy. You’re the best.

watson: I think you should change your name from Jimmy Impossible to Jimmy Kissass

tomk: And change Watson’s name to [unprintable].

watson: It’s a symbol. Just like Prince.

jonathan: I give IM3 7 Budweiser Parties with Trevor Slattery out of 10

tomk: A 7? Someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight…

jimmy: Lol

So here are the overall standings:
Iron Man 9.4
The Avengers 9.3
Captain America 8.7
Thor 8.0
Incredible Hulk 6.7
Iron Man 2 6.6
Iron Man 3 6.6

Interesting (as Watson alluded to earlier) that Iron Man is ranked as the best film and the two direct sequels are tied for being the worst (like Watson). And until Jonathan added his score, IM3 was momentarily alone at the bottom.

Oh and MCU overall: 7.9.
Phase 1: 8.1
Phase 2: 6.6

tomk: What’s next, Jimmy, as if I didn’t know?

jimmy: Another potentially divisive film, Thor: The Dark World.

tomk: The one Patty Jenkins almost directed? Cool.

jimmy: Has she done anything since then?

tomk: Ask Jenny and then duck.

jenny: I’m just glad you know I come a’swingin’

tomk: Just like Extremis-powered Pepper “Ka-POW” Potts.