February 26, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Roadside Attraction”

Season Two, Episode Sixteen.

Poor Dipper has been mooning over Wendy all summer.

He probably shouldn’t take advice from Stan on this.

Yes, the Pines family is going on a roadtrip to see the other roadside attractions in Oregon.  Sounds like fun, right?  Not really.  It’s a work trip.  Stan says all the owners of those places prank the Mystery Shack every year, so he’s just going to preemptively hit them first.  And that means Soos, Grenda, and Candy can come along.

But since Dipper is still down over Wendy, he can maybe get over that by finding a new girl, but Dipper isn’t good at picking up girls.  Stan says he is, and he offers pointers.

So, while the rest of the family is doing things like unraveling giant balls of yarn, righting the upside down house, or leaving corn weevils in a corn maze (plus Soos), Dipper is showing confidence and getting lots of email addresses and phone numbers.  Now, Stan’s advice says you don’t actually use that contact information.  You just collect it.  That all seems to be going somewhere when the group stops at a place called Mystery Mountain, and that’s where someone makes a move.  Oh, not Dipper.  Mabel’s friend Candy is so impressed by Dipper’s newfound confidence that she gets Dipper to take her inside.  And that’s where all the girls Dipper hit on find him all at the same time.

See, Stan’s advice sucks.

It sucks really bad because he tried hitting on the girl in the ticket booth, and though she seems to be into it, he really should have listened when Candy was reading the brochure that said the Mystery Mountain was inhabited by half-human, half-spiders.  Because she doesn’t want to date Stan.  She wants to web him up and eat him, so they can keep going with the “Fresh Mummies Daily” sign.

Fortunately, Dipper and the girls manage to save Stan with help from Candy’s knowledge of how the world’s slowest air gondola ride works.  Reading the brochure helps sometimes, as does the foot of a giant Paul Bunyun statue for holding down a half-human spider creature.

But you know, I do have to wonder if those other roadside attraction owners really do prank Stan.  Because when everyone gets home and Candy is back to thinking Dipper is kind of a wimp, the people Stan “pranked” have trashed the Shack.  Methinks they were really just hitting Stan back for hitting them first every year.  I mean, sure, the episode doesn’t confirm that, but that would be such a Stan thing to do.

Now they need to get Soos out of that maze.