April 12, 2024

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead “Ashes To Ashes”

Season One, Episode Eight.

Jimmy said I should watch Evil Dead II before I moved on this one.  He was right to suggest so.  I probably would have been fine without that tip, but the sheer number of Easter Eggs in this episode makes up for that.

I mean, it clearly is a different cabin.  It looks newer for one thing.  For another, the old movie was shot in America and this show is shot in New Zealand.  They can ship over Sam Raimi’s car, but that cabin is a different story.

But they clearly did the best they could to recreate the cabin and all the landmarks around it.  The chalk outline for the chainsaw?  Check.  The chained trapdoor to the fruit cellar?  Check.  The general layout?  Check.  Linda’s grave and her head in a vice (different actress, though)?  Check.

So, what happens is Ash gets back to the cabin and when Fisher tracks him there, the two separate to do what they need to do.  Ash gets stuck in the shed, attacked by the stuff in there, and taunted by Linda’s head.  Fisher sees Ash, but this one has two hands because Ash’s severed hand grew a new Ash.  She does manage to severe the hand, but that just means there’s an identical Ash who manages to kill her just in time for the real Ash to come back and then for Kelly and Pablo to show up.

That means it’s Ash vs. Ash, and they know all the different places where Ash hurts, like the trick knee and the bum shoulder.  And then the episode ends, so who knows which Ash is which.

Thanks for the pointer, Jimmy!