April 12, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Yellow Subterfuge”

In which Bart gets revenge on Skinner.

So, the last two episodes in a row have been rather lackluster episodes with guest appearances of questionable necessity.

Well, this time we have no guest stars and something approaching a regular plot with a story and all.

Oh, it isn’t overly good, but it is an improvement.

Heck, there’s a B-plot where Krusty is broke (again) and he gets help by selling the rights to his show to foreigners.  Now, normally, Krusty would get help from Bart when he has problems, but Bart’s busy and so he gets it from Lisa instead.  Krusty ends up the least popular Krusty in the world, which is odd considering Irish Krusty is all about sitting around drunk and miserable because life sucks.

But wait, what was Bart up to?  Well, Principal Skinner had arranged a school trip through his old navy buddy…well, a buddy he knew from shopping at Old Navy, but the guy was in the Navy…to take the children of Springfield Elementary on a field trip onboard a nuclear attack submarine.  As space is limited, Skinner has a power fantasy where he can deny any kid who screws up in even the slightest way will be denied passage.  That means Bart has to be good for five full days.  And Bart is trying to hard!  When the bus seems to break down, Bart makes a run for it, past obstacles, and barely manages to get to school on time…but he tracked muddy footprints into the school and that was that.  Even faking a call from Barack Obama doesn’t help.  The sub leaves without Bart, and Milhouse gets to torpedo a lighthouse.  What’s Bart to do?


Homer can help.

What revenge will Bart get?  Make it looks like Agnes Skinner was murdered while Seymour slept, and knowing how Chief Wiggum does things, Skinner is convinced he’ll be convicted of murder.

If you thinK Agnes Skinner would not go along with this, you have never seen this show.

Heck, Milhouse and Maggie help out by faking a police siren.

Does Marge help out?  No, she thought it was a weird school project and tells Skinner the whole thing was revenge.  Sadly, Seymour had already said he felt better about his mother being dead and Agnes overheard that and decided to make her son even more miserable by not taking the pills that make her nice.  Then there was a running gag where Skinner imagined himself in some sort of Spaghetti Western hero.  It was really depressing.

It makes me want to see more of Irish Krusty actually…