April 12, 2024

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Gravity Falls “The Last Mabelcorn”

Season Two, Episode Fifteen.

So, it looks like Bill Cypher is coming back.  He went so far as to taunt Ford in the man’s dreams.  That means it’s time to Bill-proof the Mystery Shack.

Wait, why does Ford know Bill?

That may be a good question for now, and Dipper will get to the bottom of it because he’s Dipper and that’s what he does.

But Ford needs some stuff, and the Shack has most of it.  He just needs someone pure of heart to bring him some unicorn hair out of the enchanted forest.

That’s Mabel!

Rounding up her posse of Candy, Grenda, and Wendy, off the foursome go on a fearsome quest to bring back some unicorn hair.  Sure, Wendy outgrew unicorn obsessions years ago, but she does appear to have a House Stark t-shirt on, so clearly Direwolves are more her thing, and I’m just gonna let that slide.

Like I have a choice.

As it is, the girls find a unicorn with a long name I will not type out.  He’s got a rainbow mane, huge eyes, and seems very…girly.  Yes, girly seems to be the right word.  And he’ll give over the hair if someone in the group is pure of heart.  Mabel steps forward, the horn glows, a beam of light shines down, and the unicorn says Mabel isn’t pure enough.

That was unexpected.  Mabel goes off and does a thousand good deeds, like planting trees that block doorways and making sure snails and ducklings are escorted safely off concrete, and that isn’t good enough either it turns out.  Depressed, Mabel goes off to find a deed she can do.

That just means Wendy wants to do things her way.  That involves getting some fairy dust from a forest gnome in exchange for a jar of butterflies.  Jars of butterflies are actually illegal, so the girls get the supplier gnome arrested by the gnome cops, but get a pouch of the dust anyway, and it does knock the unicorn out, but then Mabel sees them going for a snip and freaks out.  That would be wrong!  And since she’s caught with the scissors, the unicorn blames her.  Oh woe!

Or not.  Two more unicorns show up.  It seems the girly one was not the last of his kind.  And it turns out unicorn horns don’t say who is or isn’t pure of heart.  The first one was playing a scam.  All a unicorn horn can do is glow, spot rainbows, and play rave music.

So, will these guys give Mabel any hair?

Looks like that won’t come up because Mabel is now furious.  Being nice didn’t work.  Being sneaky didn’t work.  Maybe violence will work as the two groups charge each other.

Meanwhile, back at the Shack, Dipper learns Ford was tricked by Bill ages ago.  Bill wants into our dimension and Ford was building a machine to do it.  Fortunately, Young Man McGucket got his head pulled into the portal and saw what was going on, letting Ford know he was being tricked.  Bill wasn’t a friend!  He was a monster!  But without unicorn hair, there’s no way to keep Bill from possessing someone in the Shack.

Good thing Mabel got that hair.  It seems the girls were so successful in their plan to simply beat the stuffing out of the unicorns that the unicorns gave them the hair and a chest full of treasure to make them go away.

So, the Shack is safe from the evil Bill Cypher!

The rest of Gravity Falls?  Not so much…