July 21, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XXIV”

In which we do the Halloween thing yet again.

Man, are we reaching a point where the annual Halloween episode is doing some sort of Dr. Seuss thing?  Since when was Dr. Seuss even remotely scary to anyone?

But hey, there was a cool couch gag directed by Guillermo del Toro that references a ton of horror movies and works, particularly his own, but who am I to complain?

And then we get to the Seuss where the Fat in the Hat (Homer) takes the kids out on Halloween after they were left home alone and it gets a bit more murder-y as the Fat kills various Seuss/Springfield hybrids before Maggie kills him herself.  He just doesn’t want to be played by Mike Myers.  I think we can all agree with that idea.

Then there’s a bit where Bart gets himself decapitated and has his head grafted to Lisa’s body. She still has complete control of said body except when she’s sleeping, so Bart plots to have her head removed while she’s asleep, but she wakes up and somehow both of them lose the body.  Bart then gets grafted to Selma and Lisa to Krusty.  And, for some reason, Dr. Nick to Dr. Hibbert.

Finally there was a Freaks parody where strongman Homer plots to get freak Moe’s emerald ring by having his trapezee artist paramour Marge marry Moe instead and then kill him to get the ring.  Marge doesn’t go along with that and says despite Moe’s hideous freakish nature, he’s beautiful on the inside, but Homer screws it up and the other freaks turn him into a duck man.  But he still marries Marge and becomes a war hero and a celebrity.

What was Moe’s deformity, if say Lenny and Carl were the “pinheads” and Barney was the human torso and Kang and Kodos were aliens?  Well, Moe was just Moe.

That’s sad.