December 5, 2022

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Deadwood “Boy-The-Earth-Talks-To”

Season Two Finale.

Is Deadwood going to be a real town at some point?

It’s inching closer.

Season two actually ends with some resolutions.  George Hearst comes to the camp, looking to get his hands on whatever he can.  And we can see that some people know how to handle the Hearsts of the world.

That would be, unsurprisingly, Al Swearengen, who sets his cards out and gets Hearst to agree to let the angry Wu run the Chinese folks in camp instead of the more odious Lee.  Hearst didn’t seem to know Lee was burning the corpses of prostitutes in the streets, and likewise prefers to let locals handle things if such locals exist.  That would be Wu.  If Wu spoke English, he’d probably know that.

Not knowing how to handle things is, also unsurprisingly, Tolliver.  He does let Hearst know that Wolcott killed some women, and then attempts to, well, blackmail the rich guy.  You don’t try to blackmail a 19th century rich guy.  They didn’t need a lawsuit to settle things in those days.

Somewhere in the middle is Farnum, who does sell his hotel for a very high price to Hearst while also getting to stay on as a manager.  Looks like Hearst isn’t going anywhere for a while.

But Al does, with help from Silas, negotiate some terms approved by Bullock to make the camp a town.  They’ll need to have some elections soon, and Al and Silas make sure there’s language in the agreement to prevent a bunch of out-of-towners to show up and “vote”.  Bullock doesn’t say much, but it looks like Martha is staying, so there’s that.

Now, this is Deadwood, so though there appears to be a very happy wedding between Alma and Ellsworth (of convenience of course), there are some things that get overlooked in the happiness beyond the weird and amusing like Charlie returning in camp to see Jane in a nice dress (complete with underwear apparently).  And I don’t mean Alma spotting Bullock in the crowd and feeling a bit of heartache.  No, I mean things like Tolliver getting in Reverend Cramed’s face and getting a knife to the gut, Wu going with Al’s cronies to slit Lee’s throat successfully, and Wolcott hanging himself from a balcony.

But in the meantime, take what you can get.  At least the people who died were of a less savory manner.

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