February 29, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Homerland”

In which Lisa suspects Homer has been subverted by terrorists.

Hey, a Homeland parody!  And it doesn’t suck!

Homer is off for a nuclear energy convention in the swingingest of locations–that’s right, Boise, Idaho–with Lenny and Carl when something happens.  Lenny and Carl come home on time.  Homer?  Not so much.  And after a day or so of Marge missing the big guy while Patty and Selma offer completely unhelpful advice, Homer comes in looking a little dazed.  We see a flashback of Homer getting pulled into a van, him sitting shirtless in a chair while wearing headphones and looking sick, and the idea he should do…something at the nuclear plant.

And then he turns down pork chops.

And then he doesn’t strangle Bart for being sassy.

He even turns down beer at Moe’s.

Lisa is suspicious.  Why is it finally getting the father she always wanted makes her uneasy instead of elated?  Bart’s theory that Lisa cannot experience joy seems likely.

Does Marge suspect?  Nope.  She’s having a blast since Homer tries a new technique in the bedroom known as “moving his body”.

It doesn’t help when Lisa overhears Chief Wiggum harassing Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart because of some increased chatter of an impending terrorist attack, and all Wiggum can think to do is harass the minorities (also on his list is Bumblebee Man and Dr. Hibbert).

And then Lisa sees Homer on a rug doing what looks like praying to the Middle East.  Now she has a reason to call the FBI in the form of blonde special agent and bipolar person Annie Crawford (guest star Kristen Wiig).  She will infiltrate the Simpson house, disturb Bart and Milhouse, and then interrogate Homer from the bed.  Is Homer worried?  Naw.  He’s in bed with two beautiful women.  Annie finds that flattering.

But he does have a device that he takes to the Nuclear Plant and easily gets past security.  Lisa tries to stop him from blowing up the plant only to learn the shocking truth…Homer was not blowing up the plant.  Those folks in the van?  They didn’t kidnap him.  They picked him up.  They were environmental activists who told Homer pigs don’t like being pork chops and nuclear power was bad.  Sure, Lisa had been saying that for ages, but Lisa says lots of things so Homer got used to ignoring her.  And the shirtless headphones thing?  That was Homer sweating the beer out of his system so he could do his actual plan:  hook a device up to the plant’s air conditioning that would release the awful smell of sour milk and Kwik-E-Mart Grade F chicken parts into the plant, driving everyone out without actually hurting anyone.  That actually makes Lisa proud.  Then the cops and the FBI burst in, shots go off, Annie alternates punching and kissing a barely conscious Homer on the ground, and the device does go off and…nothing happens.

As Mr. Burns explains, the Plant’s air conditioner doesn’t work, and he was planning on moving the whole operation to China in a couple years anyway.  That second part was a secret, but the first part is a safety violation, so Burns is actually arrested for a short jail stretch and the Plant shut down to fix that problem.  Burns does proclaim he can escape any prison as long as prisons are still made from waddle and sticks, but since they”re made of concrete, yeah, he’s going away.

Well, it’s a minor victory and Lisa bonded with Homer a bit.  Will he stay clean?

Nah.  Moe has a drone with a beer on it…