March 2, 2024

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Black Mirror “Crocodile”

Series Four, Episode Three.

Here’s how to catch a killer.  Maybe.

Meet Rob and Mia, a young couple dating.  One day while driving home from some drunken carousing, Rob misses a cyclist on the road, or more accurately, he doesn’t see him and hits the guy.  Though Mia wants to call for help, Rob talks her out of it, so they pack the guy into a bag and toss him into a river.

Fifteen years pass, Mia is married to someone else, and has a son.  Rob comes to visit while she is waiting in a hotel room after speaking at a conference.  Rob comes to see her to say that as part of a twelve step program, he is going to write an anonymous letter to the cyclist’s widow to tell her where her husband’s body was.  Mia is worried for her reputation, the thing that stopped them from doing the right thing before, the two scuffle, and Mia kills Rob.

As it is, a self-driving pizza cart hit a guy outside, so Mia manages to smuggle Rob’s body down to her car with a room service cart, a porno film playing in her room to make it look like she stayed in, then she dumps the body down a sewer.  Looks like she got away with it.

But that cart, well, there’s an insurance investigator with a memory recall machine looking to see what happened there and asking all the witnesses.  That leads her to Mia eventually, and the woman sees Mia kill Rob and the old accident.

So, Mia gets arrested there?

Nope, she grabs and kills the investigator.

But the investigator told her husband where she went!

Oh, Mia used the memory machine to learn about the husband and went into town and killed him too.

Wait, they had a baby.  The baby saw stuff, right?

Well, Mia killed the baby.


That baby was blind, too.  Couldn’t see a thing.

But the guinea pig…

Always check for the guinea pig.