June 16, 2024

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Runaways “Kingdom”

Season One, Episode Five.

There’s a lot to takeaway from this episode, but I think we can all agree the opening flashback has some rather obvious fake wigs.

Yes, we open with a flashback of Geoffrey Wilder in prison with his pal Darius.  He’s got something maybe going with his lawyer Catherine when he’s approached by a mysterious man offering five million dollars for some lot his uncle left him.  Geoffrey will do the deal, but he figures there’s some gentrification coming to that neighborhood, so he wants to be the mysterious man’s partner.  Now, he’s up for a long prison stay…unless he can convince Darius to take the rap and the ten year sentence for him, with the promise of giving Darius a fair share when it’s all over.

Cut to the present and you realize, uh, Darius probably never got that share.  And that’s more or less what he tells Alex.

Oh yeah, Darius kidnapped Alex.  Geoffrey tries a rescue, but Alex is ultimately rescued by the other kids, where Molly holds up the speeding car, Nico puts up a shield to stop the bullets Darius shoots at them, and both Karolina and Chase hit Darius with different blasts.  But one of Darius’ henchmen, a promising teen named Andre, took a bullet and though Geoffrey promises Alex he’ll take care of him, Alex doesn’t believe him.

And therein lies the interesting angle here.  The kid who probably had the closest relationship with a parent (Alex) is now thinking less of him while two of the others (Nico and Chase) are actually developing better relationships.

How so?  Well, Tina catches Nico with the Staff of One but doesn’t mind.  She tells her daughter to practice with it.

And Chase’s dad?  He’s being nice to his son, helping Chase finish the fistigons, bonding with the boy who does poorly in calculus because he’d rather do stuff practically and not theoretically.  Heck, Victor is so pleased by his son’s inventions, he opts to work on his time machine, something that shows the future.  It doesn’t seem to work, but then we learn Victor has brain cancer, and he hasn’t told anybody but Chase yet.

But yeah, that Andre kid was used as a new sacrifice, and it revived this mysterious figure who Leslie seems to dig.

Who is he?  Well, once healed, he’s the mysterious man who approached Geoffrey and Catherine 18 years earlier.

He seems to be Karolina’s missing father…

Oh, and the time machine did work.  It showed the future of the city of Los Angeles is the whole place is collapsing into ruins.