January 31, 2023

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead “The Killer Of Killers”

Season One, Episode Six.

Much of the action in this episode takes place in the Western Moose diner.

It’s like the producers really want Jimmy Impossible to tune in!

Oh, hey, Lucy Lawless’ character has a name:  Ruby!  Of course, Ruby and Trooper Fisher pulled into the remains of the Brujo’s place and the dead man’s skeleton grabbed Ruby and pulled her into the fire after saying her name.  Fortunately, Fisher saw Ash and co. driving off and knows where to go to follow them.

And where are they?  The Western Moose diner where it looks like the trio will be pulling a dine’n’dash for their breakfast because Ash promised to pay and then said he didn’t.  Besides, the waitress isn’t interested in his offer of sex for payment, and he’s too oblivious to realize what she meant when she said the large man in the back with the butcher knife, the cook, is her husband.

As it is, it’s a moot point.  Fisher calls in her boss to come arrest Ash, but then another Deadite wave hits the diner, killing everyone inside except the characters we’ve gotten to know, plus a militia guy friend of Ash’s, and one lucky kid in the bathroom (he’s tossed into a surprisingly sharp ceiling fan after he comes out…dude, stay in the bathroom!).  The waitress and the chief both get up as Deadites, you know, so someone could toss that kid into the ceiling fan, and that leads to the usual violent, gruesome death stuff that fans of this series have come to expect as Ash, Fisher, Kelly, and Pablo all deal some death to the undead.  And Kelly really, really gets into it.

Fisher agrees to come along and help Ash bury the Necronomicon out by the cabin where he first found the thing, so that may be progress.  Ash hears more than she says, of course, so there’s the opposite of progress.  Regress maybe?

Though Ash’s militia buddy may be regretting not running away fast enough from whatever just went down his throat…

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