April 17, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Whiskey Business”

In which we see some really dark stuff and ponder our own mortality.

You know what I don’t generally think about when I watch The Simpsons?  Death.

But hey, maybe some of those characters are considering aspects of it.  Let’s look at some now…


Moe is depressed again, so he tries to hang himself.  Fortunately, Homer actually knows CPR and keeps his buddy alive.  Why the suicide hotline had an automated answering service I will never know, and Bart crank calling in the middle of it all didn’t help.  But Moe’s attempts to make use of his old pal Noosey didn’t go anywhere, and he now has consider he is still a sad and lonely man.

Is there a solution?  There is for Moe!  Lenny, Carl, Homer, and Marge take him to Capital City (cue that Tony Bennett song!) and buy him a suit.  Looking sharp, he cleans up the bar and finds the original hardwood floors under multiple layers, attracts some venture capitalists, and lets them try some homemade whiskey he’s had.  It’s actually good, and these guys are so impressed by all this that they set up Moe with his own IPO.  Nothing can go wrong until it does when the suit unravels and Moe appearing at the stock exchange in his regular clothes just sinks his brand before it can even begin.  Fortunately, he’s still in a good mood after all this.


The “B” stands for “B-plot”.

Lisa is outraged when she attends a jazz concert that Bart was obviously trying to use as a distraction (see below) when she sees a hologram of Bleeding Gums Murphy shilling a product.  And hey, Ron Taylor’s voice was used again, and he has also sadly passed away.  Is there a solution to all this for Lisa when dead celebrities are being used for cheap advertising gimmicks…and yes, holograms are not literally cheap, I was being metaphorical.

Is there a solution?  Not for Lisa.  She keeps writing to the music company, but all she gets in return is guest star Sonny Rollins’ advice to let everything be…but he’s a hologram too.  Don’t those people have any shame?  Not when we see they also have holograms at-the-ready for Princess Diana, Gandhi, and Tupac.


Bart used Homer and Marge’s trip to Capital City as an opportunity to build his own waterslide.  He also sent Lisa to a jazz show so she wouldn’t interfere (see above).  But then Grampa found Bart and fell down the slide himself, injuring himself.  Feeling guilty, Bart takes Grampa down to the basement to care for him until the old man gets better.

Is there a solution?  Uh, kinda.  Bart finds caring for Grampa takes longer than expected, but then learns Abe Simpson was faking it.  But the two bonded all the same, so that’s sort of sweet.

Only sort of.  Unless Grampa was also a hologram.

It could happen!