September 29, 2023

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Deadwood “The Whores Can Come”

Season Two, Episode Eleven.

Much of this episode concerns itself with a funeral.

Funerals bring out the best in some people.

And I think I know what Calamity Jane sounds like when she’s sober.

Yes, young William Bullock is dead, and most of the camp turns out for his funeral, as read by the newly Born Again Reverend Cramed, a guy who isn’t really welcome in Tolliver’s place anymore, but that won’t stop him from preaching outside the establishment whose owner had him dumped in the woods to die of smallpox.

Not that everything is going smoothly.  Swearengen does get Bullock to agree to say Swearengen speaks for Bullock if an insensitive clod like Jarry asks (he does).  And that means Swearengen can continue to hold the cards that may keep most of the people in the camp from being swindled out of good land by George Hearst.  Bullock has other things on his mind.  Martha is looking to get out of Deadwood as quickly as possible, though the episode ends with Seth and Martha holding hands in a way that says he wants her to stay for whatever reason.

As it is, the Jarry deception works, even as Wolcott offers money for Farnum’s hotel (Farnum, greedy little thing that he is, breaks down and cries that everyone is looking to buy his livelihood out from under him…but only when he’s alone).

Whether or not Martha stays, we do know Alma accepted Ellsworth’s marriage proposal, and Al managed to keep Wu and Lee from killing each other at least until the sheriff stops mourning the lose of his stepson.  Besides, Lee was burning the bodies of dead Chinese prostitutes in the middle of camp.  Something is upsetting Wu, but he doesn’t know enough English to say exactly what.  All we know for certain is Wu expects Swearengen to help him and so far, Al isn’t.

That may change.  George Hearst is coming to the camp.