February 2, 2023

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Geek Review: 12 Strong

Twelve US Army soldiers go way behind enemy lines to hit back at the Taliban after 9/11 in this war film.

It’s January, and that means movies that the studios don’t know what to do with until blockbuster season starts.

Sure, Watson already covered 12 Strong, but it’s my turn now.

Just after the September 11th terrorist attacks, a group of 12 American Green Berets go into the mountains of Afghanistan to join forces with local fighters to hit back at the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  And that’s about all you really need to know about the plot.  The guys go over, kick some ass, and then the movie ends.  It’s based on a true story (how true I dare not guess), and you can expect the Americans to win.  Or not if you know history or current events, so every time the Americans talk about ending the war quickly, you can feel the situational irony even if the characters can’t.

As for the movie itself, it was very by-the-numbers.  Chris Hemsworth is the leader of the pack, Captain Mitch Nelson, a character so memorable I didn’t even know his name until the movie was over and the credits ran.  Really, there isn’t much to praise here with its predictable plot and characters with the one exception being Michael Shannon as the older warrant officer.  Shannon can do stuff like this in his sleep.  He deserves better.  Then again, so does everyone else involved in the movie.  It’s fine, but I’d say not to bother unless you catch it on cable or something.  Six out of ten kid armed guards.

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