January 31, 2023

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead “The Host”

Season One, Episode Five.

I learned recently this show is filmed on location in New Zealand.

That would explain why the countryside looks nothing like Michigan, where the show is supposedly taking place.

When last we left Ash, he was drugged out and strangling that pale man with an underbite demon, but he was trippin’ and the demon was inside Kelly.  Pablo and his uncle saved Kelly by knocking Ash out, and then Kelly–who, I remind you, is possessed–claimed Ash was the one who was possessed.

So that mean Pablo’s brujo uncle will attempt to exorcise the demon from a tied-up-and-gagged Ash while possessed Kelly tries to lure Pablo into a trap involving sucking pot smoke from Ash’s shotgun (don’t ask) and maybe tempting him with sex.  It’s hard to say.  Pablo’s interest in Kelly is…very chaste and romantic at the same time.

That actually works out because the demon gets tired of waiting and shows itself through Kelly about the same time Ash finally gets the gag out of his mouth to tell the brujo why the exorcisms aren’t working.

So, now it looks like they need to do it to Kelly instead.  And this demon is no pushover.  It’s, like, spitting out teeth and everything.  Plus live leeches.  And whatever water gets poured over it.  The thing finally comes out when Pablo offers himself instead, but then it gets screwy, the uncle is killed, and Ash remembers the best advice from his drug trip:  shoot first and ask questions never.  Since that involves faking the demon out by swiping at it with his chainsaw after tossing the shotgun into the air and firing the gun at empty air when it comes down…that actually works.

So long underbite demon!

Now Ash has a hand from Pablo, Pablo is following in his recently deceased uncle’s footsteps, Kelly is free from the demon, and Lucy Lawless is still following them.

She is going to catch up at some point, right?

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