January 31, 2023

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead “Books From Beyond”

Season One, Episode Three.

Can anything go wrong in an episode that opens with Lucy Lawless zipping down a lonely road in a cool car?

Probably not, because Lucy Lawless is awesome.

Granted, we still don’t know what her deal is.  She’s following Ash and the Necronomicon, and stops by Kelly’s parents’ graves to interrogate the risen monster that was her dad.  She has a special dagger of some kind that scares the Evil Dead…

But Ash and his crew, and he has a crew despite a stated desire to be an “alone wolf,” have arrived at Books From Beyond, a store run by one Lionel, a guy who told Ash once he could translate the book.  Ash had asked him once ages ago when he’d been trying to find an authentic viking helmet to impress this girl he was sleeping with that was really into roleplaying…

Um, ew.

At any rate, State Trooper Fisher is already there, and after recognizing Ash, decides to try arresting him.  That ends when Pablo, seeing the woman get a gun but not knowing she’s a cop, knocking her out.  That leaves Ash to figure that Kelly needs to watch the handcuffed Fisher while Lionel translates the book to try to find the phrase that sends whatever Ash let out back to wherever it came from.  It seems the book is about creatures that aren’t quite human or demon, and the book itself is really just a portal.  Ash and Pablo follow Lionel to the back room and come up with the crazy idea to summon the weakest demon possible to ask what happened.  Lionel picks one that is known for holding shadowy secrets and Ash figures a demon nerd would be easy to get the best of.

Now, as long as no one smudges the circle Lionel painted on the floor.

Oh, you know that’s going to happen, especially when the summoned demon looks like the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth with a really bad underbite.  To be fair, the smudge is done when Kelly lets Fisher out, figuring Fisher would help and she still tries to arrest Ash, and her entrance pushes Ash back and breaks the circle.

Um oh.

Things go bad.  Shards of broken glass kill Lionel.  Ash and Pablo are getting their brains sucked out or something, and then Kelly clocks the demon with the Necronomicon, and that actually seems to make it go away.  And if Fisher hadn’t tried to cuff Ash’s fake hand, she might have been able to take him in.  Instead, she’s left handcuffed to a pipe and off Ash and his new pack go.  Pablo’s estranged uncle is a shaman.  He might know something.

And then a Deadite Lionel gets up to threaten Fisher…

Lucy Lawless better get there fast!

I’m really digging this show.

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