April 21, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Northwest Mansion Mystery”

Season Two, Episode Ten.

So, we should hate Pacifica Northwest, right?

Maybe not.

See, once a year the Northwests through a giant party and invite only the rich and powerful while most of the people of Gravity Falls gawk outside.  About the only person in town who is completely unimpressed by the whole thing is Dipper.  Mabel, Grenda, and Candy all wish they could go.  And then the wish is granted because Pacifica shows up looking for help.  Stately Northwest Manor is haunted, and Dipper is a known ghostbuster.  Dipper will (reluctantly) do it, but only if Mabel and her friends can be invited to the party.

But see, we see Pacifica is actually a miserable person.  Her parents are awful, and her father tends to ring a bell when he wants her not to speak.  What a pair of jerks.

But there is a ghost, a Class Ten lumberjack on a mission.  It seems 150 years earlier, the Northwests promised to a group of laborers who cut down the tree and built the mansion they could come to big party, and they reneged.  One angry guy screamed for vengeance and died in a mudslide that somehow lodged an axe in his skull.  Now that guy is going to wreck havoc unless a Northwest allows the common folk to come inside to the party.

I’m guessing Mabel, Grenda, and Candy don’t count, especially as Mabel and Candy start fighting over the same Austrian prince, reasoning Grenda would be too rough for the guy.  That’s a nice subplot that ends the way you think it will, so I will say no more.

As it is, Dipper does manage to capture the ghost, but seeing that the Northwests could have easily ended the curse by opening the gates to the mansion, well, he leaves but then the ghost gets out and is turning guests into trees, including Mabel and her friends and even Dipper.  Will a Northwest do the right thing?

Actually, yes.  Pacifica had bonded with Dipper a bit and opens the gate, restoring everything to normal and silencing that damn bell.

So, maybe we should feel better about Pacifica.  At least until the next time she clashes with Mabel.

Oh, but Old Man McGucket does have some news about that laptop he managed to fix and armageddon coming.  Dipper says it can wait.

That countdown on the computer says no, it can’t.