March 26, 2023

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The Young Pope “Eighth Episode”

Episode 8.

Progress!  The Pope makes a public excursion from the Vatican!

Not much!  He still doesn’t allow himself to be seen by the public.

Yes, it seems Pope Lenny is feeling distraught over the death of his childhood friend Cardinal Andrew, but not as much as he feels for the fact Esther and her family just took off and left behind a photo of him holding their baby.  Now, I could point out this probably has something to do with his own unresolved family issues, since he flashes back to a happy childhood memory from before his parents abandoned him and his mom does look a little like Esther, but I just did so now I don’t have to.

Oh, and the kangaroo died and he’s got topless female protesters in the Vatican hedge maze.  The Swiss Guard are getting so fired for that one.

Sister Mary, it should be noted, took to more traditional forms of mourning by crying hysterically.  Lenny just did some exercises and went to see Cardinal Spenser, who is probably dying.  Spenser tells Lenny point blank that his lack of faith is actually pretty normal for a man his age, and the second calling of the disillusioned man is actually much harder.  Spenser’s proposed solution?  Bury two empty coffins in Venice.

Instead, Lenny opts to go to Africa to see one Sister Antonia’s first “Village of Goodness,” some sort of charitable thing the woman known for her bad breath runs down there.  And sure, the press can come, and one American reporter can shout a question about possible papal blackmail, but Lenny won’t see them from his private portion of the plane.  And he’ll disembark while veiled and skip the ceremonial greetings to go out to see Antonia.  And he won’t come out until she surrenders her phone (no pictures!) and takes two breath mints.

But as it is, Lenny lets his guard down to a local priest in the confessional and talks about all his feelings.  Then he learns the priest speaks no English.  And the note the priest passes suggests Antonia is a little less than holy, plus possibly gay, Lenny’s mortal enemy.

As it is, Lenny does give a wonderful, moving address to a crowd on the need for peace.  He just does it with a pre-recorded message since he isn’t there.

Then once back in Italy, he prays to God to do something about Antonia.

And back in Africa, Antonia seems to be having an attack of some kind.

Did…did Lenny just pray someone to death?

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