July 12, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Beware My Cheating Bart”

In which Bart falls in love with Jimbo Jones' girlfriend.

Wait, is Bart in love again?  He’s ten.  He’s had more relationships at this point than I have!

Hey, so did George Costanza!

Before we discuss Bart being in love, let’s look at another guest animator’s couch gag, this time from Bill Plympton.


That’s weird.

OK, so why is Bart in love again?  Well, Homer dropped Bart and Milhouse off at the movie theater while Homer went to the mall to shop for…something.  What movie did Homer pay for the two boys to see?  The Happy Little Elves II, which is clearly aimed at a younger audience than a pair of ten year olds.  Does Homer notice or care?  He’s Homer.  Of course he didn’t.  Exiting the theater, the boys ran into Jimbo Jones, Dolph, and Kearney.  The bullies were looking to get into some horror movie called The Crawlspace, but Jimbo’s new girlfriend Shauna wants to see a Jennifer Aniston movie where she’s rolling her eyes on the poster.  Jimbo being the possessive and jealous type doesn’t want to leave Shauna alone, so he decides to pick the least threatening boy he can find to escort her.  That’d be Milhouse, but Shauna has some standards, so it’s Bart instead.  And if anything happens to Shauna, if anyone hits on her or anything, Bart’s dead.

Scared, Bart sits through the movie and tells off the Squeaky-Voiced Teen.  But Shauna liked dragging Bart to girly places, so she does it again to a beauty shop, where Bart takes the fall for her shoplifting and then escapes himself.  To reward Bart, Shauna does the one thing she can think of and flashes her boobs at Bart.  Bart’s immediate reaction is they look like Homer’s.

Say, what did Homer get up to?  He bought an incredibly expensive treadmill in order to get some exercise, but then he got hooked on a Lost-like TV show called Stranded that his new treadmill could run, and even he found a chair that could straddle the belt so he didn’t have to exercise with it.  Sure, the show was already finished, and Grampa doesn’t trust Homer for a minute to be legitimately exercising, so Marge does discover what Homer’s doing and she has him return the treadmill, but he’s still watching the show and hosting discussion groups where everyone but him has seen the ending.  Marge ends his obsession by revealing the ending, and that leads to some strife, but he sure wasn’t going to blow the airhorn in her face for giving out spoilers, I mean, she isn’t Lenny or Carl, but he’ll forgive anything after some sex with Marge.

That’s it for the B-plot.

Back to the A-plot with B-art.  I mean Bart.

So, after being disturbed by how much dinner reminds him of boobs, Bart and Shauna start running around kissing.  Jimbo does catch them in the community pool, and then with his gang has the Simpson house staked out.  Bart tries hiding out at the comic book store, but Shauna insults the Comic Book Guy, and he turns out to be a cyberbully, so he calls the other bullies and tells them what’s up.  Bart’s last refuge is his treehouse, and there may be no solution for anybody since Jimbo does eventually corner Bart and Shauna there.

But someone does save the day!  Lisa does…for Shauna.  Lisa’s advice to Shauna is she needs time for herself and not with some idiot guy.  That works.  Shauna leaves Bart and Jimbo, and while Jimbo will put the fear of God into Bart, it doesn’t look too bad all things being equal.

But there was something about a kitten with glowing red eyes.  Maybe Ryan was right about Stranded.