June 16, 2024

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Gravity Falls “The Love God”

Season Two, Episode Nine.

Mabel’s got a nice matchmaker record going.

It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

Dipper and Mabel have got it made hanging out with Wendy and her friends.  There’s the guy everyone picks on, the two other guys, and Tambry, a girl who complains a lot while looking at her phone.  As the group is hanging out in a graveyard, they hear a sad cry.  It’s Robbie.  He misses Wendy and is sitting in an open grave.  Sure, he won’t admit to missing Wendy, but with the big music festival Woodstick coming, there’s not much the others care to do for him as he made the cemetery unfun.

But Mabel…Mable cares.  She can’t stand to see someone else who isn’t happy.  And she’s a successful matchmaker since she hooked up Soos with Melanie and Waddles with Gompers the Goat.

Um, what?

Anyway, Mabel goes to see Robbie.  His parents are funeral directors…very, very cheerful funeral directors.  Because of course they are.  And Mabel realizes what Robbie needs is someone like himself, a grumpy jerk who doesn’t seem to like anyone.

Hey, what’s Tambry up to?

Yeah, Mabel tries that, and the two…really hate each other.  But that Woodstick festival brings in an act called “The Love God” and that guy comes bursting in, making all kinds of things and people fall in love because he really is a love god.

So, Mabel steels some of the god’s chemicals and makes Robbie and Tambry fall in love.

And that makes the friend group fall apart before Woodstick.  One of the guys had a thing for Tambry and had told Robbie.  The other guy is upset the first guy didn’t tell him.  Wendy doesn’t want her friend dating her ex.  And the guy everyone picks on was doing all that to keep the group together, so it’s all that for nothing.

Mabel realizes something the god told her was correct:  sometimes making people fall in love causes more problems than it solves.

So, she and Dipper try to fix everything, but it gets worse until a miracle occurs:  Grunkle Stan’s attempts to make a hot-air balloon backfire when a few letters off his “I HEART KIDS” sign fall off, leaving “I EA T KIDS”.  And since the balloon is Stan’s head and it’s on fire, then there are more problems with a lot of panicking spectactors.  The god is subdued, and the kids opt to let Robbie and Tambry stay together since they both seem happy.

And then the guy that everyone picks on is seen running from security, fixing the group’s dynamics.

Damn, that guy is good.