July 13, 2024

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Comic Review: Chew Volume 3

Tony Chu has some more misadventures involving his FDA job, while his former partner Mason Savoy is up to...something in this series continuation.

Jimmy Impossible has been urging me to catch up on the Image Comics series Saga.  I do read a trade from that series when I can, but the size of my unread trade stack is a little daunting, so I tend to read a lot of things from time to time and move along when I can.

But you know what?  Jimmy should be reading Chew.  Here’s a review for Volume 3, subtitled Just Desserts.

Chew is, of course, the ongoing story of chipopath Tony Chu in a world where chicken is banned for some reason and the Food and Drug Administration is the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world.  Different food-based psychics exist, and Tony has the ability to know the history of anything he’s eaten.  His original partner in the FDA, Mason Savoy, went rogue and Tony has been looking for him ever since.  Volume 3 also features the start of his romance with Amelia Mintz.  While Tony can only safely eat beats, Amelia can write descriptions of food so well that people can experience the actual taste of that food, meaning Tony can finally enjoy a meal.

As it is, Volume 3 seems to be something of a bridge to bigger things.   The Savoy plot gets a little bit deeper, and Tony and Amelia have some issues to work through that Tony’s former and current partner John helps to iron out.  The book mostly feels like it is edging towards something, but what that something is will have to wait.  Besides, the more we see of Tony’s world, the more we see how lucky he is to have Amelia.  Not only does his boss at the FDA not like him, it looks like most of his extended family isn’t overly fond of him either, and he does have one surprise relative reserved for the very end.

John Layman’s writing and Rob Guillory’s artwork just make Chew a heck of a lot of fun.  Go read this, Jimmy, and see the nine out of ten illegal poultry meals.