January 31, 2023

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #152: Turbo

Not just a Go-Bot or a Power Rangers series, Turbo was also a New Warrior...twice over. Sort of.

I covered last week how the New Warriors team in the 90s was almost a collection of oddballs and weirdoes that didn’t fit in anywhere else in the Marvel universe.

Maybe that can be shown best with today’s Misplaced Hero, Turbo.  Both of them.


See, there wasn’t one Turbo.  There were two.  And they weren’t identical twins masquerading as the same person.  The two Turbos weren’t even trying to fool anybody.  One was a college-aged girl named Michiko “Mickey” Musashi and the other was her best friend Mike Jeffries.  They didn’t look alike in the suit or out of it, and neither tried to pretend the other didn’t exist.  It was just in the early missions, one of them would show up as needed in the Torpedo Armor.

Mike. See, no mistaking who is who here.

See, the suit had belonged to a third string superhero calling himself the Torpedo.  The armor itself was developed by the Dire Wraths to counter the armor of Rom the Spaceknight.  What the suit did was grant the wearer strength and flight, along with some energy disruption and the ability to use those weird fans on the wrists to hit people with blasts of compressed air.

How did these two kids both come to be known as Turbo?  Well, that aforementioned third stringer was killed by the Dire Wraiths and Mike was the son of that hero’s cousins or something and when the cousin inherited the armor, not knowing what it did, he just gave it to his son.  Mike then gave the armor to Mickey, his good friend, so she’d have something to wear to a Halloween party, and when your standard bunch of stooges showed up to take the armor back, Mickey and Mike discovered the armor was not just a silly costume and could, like, do stuff.

So, what should they do with it?  Mike wanted to be a superhero.  Mickey wanted to travel the world with it, but she didn’t like seeing innocent people getting hurt, so she reluctantly got involved in superheroing anyway.  There was one catch, though…Mickey was far better at using the suit than Mike was.

So, for a while there, a Turbo would show up to help out the New Warriors, but if it were Mike, there was a high chance he’d screw something up.  Eventually, the two came clean to the Warriors and were allowed to join the team.

But then Mike got killed when a Dire Wraith found him, took him out, took his place, and took his armor.  When the Wraith was eventually defeated, Mickey decided to honor her dead friend by being the Turbo he always wanted to be.

You know, until the New Warriors’ book got canceled and she wasn’t involved in many of those reboots.  The last time I saw Mickey was in a Runaways storyline where she was part of a group of former teen heroes trying to keep kids out of tights and maybe having a relationship with the former Darkhawk.

So, I guess she didn’t really want to honor Mike’s wishes after all…

Then again, the last time the Warriors saw her, she was going into the Witness Protection Program, so I’m thinking there are a lot of gaps in her story as it is.

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