March 20, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: Why I Miss Jenny Edition

The guys talk box office predictions for 2018. That's as thrilling as it sounds.

This week on the podcast, Jenny was out and that meant Ryan and Watson were talking box office again because they find that interesting.

I sure don’t.  I miss it when Jenny can’t be there.

Watson’s ideal listener, and what happens when she listens to a box office episode.

So, normally, I’d comment on the episode itself, some little bit of dialogue or something that caught my attention, or just expound at large on the overall topic, but I think I’ve made myself clear on my position on box office talk in the past.  Many times in the past.  Enough times that they said as much on the show this week.  I can’t see the point in being interested in how much money a movie makes.  Not as much as Ryan and Watson do (and sometimes Jimmy).

That’s why it’s great when Jenny’s there:  she has the same amount of interest as I do, and she doesn’t care about making predictions that will probably not come true at all.

But I’ve said all this before, but I do want to say something to make Watson feel a little better:

There is no way in hell that God Is Not Dead 3 does better than Clue.

See, I did listen.

Besides, they never take my predictions seriously.  Just because I don’t either doesn’t mean they should.  Or shouldn’t.  Either.  I don’t care.

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