December 11, 2023

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead “El Jefe”

Season One, Episode One.

Jimmy Impossible tried doing coverage for this show.

He didn’t get very far, but I blame Spider-Man for…wait, Jimmy loves Evil Dead and all things Spider-Man?

Has anyone ever seen Sam Raimi and Jimmy Impossible in the same room?

As it is, Raimi produces the show and directed the pilot.  It’s…pure Raimi.

That means a lot of wild camera angles, cartoon-level violence and gore, and the glory that is Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams.  As with the original Evil Dead–though really, I’ve only actually seen Army of Darkness–the show is using special effects that look a little cheaper than they had to, and a hero who swaggers through life despite the fact he’s a colossal moron that causes more trouble than he solves.

Or, at least, that’s how it starts.  Ash has been holding onto the Necronomicon because somebody had to, and after a bad fright during a one-night stand (sort of), he comes home to discover he made a bad choice during a different one-night stand by reading from the dreaded book while stoned to impress a girl who was impressed by French poetry.

That means Evil is afoot.  So is Lucy Lawless.  That could mean anything.

Mostly is means dead people aren’t staying dead.  And while Ash finally returns to his true self as “El Jefe” in his surprisingly roomy trailer, it looks like he and his reluctant team of younger co-workers Kelly and Pablo, well, he’ll just have to find a way to defeat the Evil again.

Though, to be fair, Pablo isn’t all that reluctant.  He’s eager.  Kelly just thinks Ash is a loser, and she isn’t that wrong when she first meets him.

So, as Ash finally decapitates a demonic old lady with his classic chainsaw…well, there really is no way to end that sentence without sounding anticlimactic.

Let’s see where this goes.