February 21, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “How I Wet Your Mother”

In which the Simpsons go all Inception-y to figure out Homer's bedwetting problem.

We have two returning guest stars this time around, with David Byrne singing a cover of one of his old songs with the other guest star who is…

Well, that would be telling.

The supply room at the Power Plant was left open, and Homer calls this to everyone’s attention as they have the chance to steal stuff they can easily afford.  As it is, though Homer does tote out a lot of stuff, Mr. Burns shows up looking for help opening a bottle, and Homer panics and runs off, ensuring that while he was the one to point out the open door in the first place, he is also the only one to escape the Wrath of Burns.


Not only that, Mr. Burns assumes Homer was the only one not to get involved, and gives him a day off while the other employees must write 30 page essays talking about how good and moral Homer is.  Homer spends the day off fishing with Bart and musing over karma, a concept he clearly doesn’t understand.

But he may when he wakes up the next day to see he’s wet the bed.  Apu in a dream form with a couple extra arms explains what karma really is, so Homer throws a big apology picnic that causes his co-workers to forgive him.  Problem solved!

No, wait, he wet the bed worse that night.

This calls for drastic action, like a really loud alarm system to keep him from wetting the bed.  That just tells Marge and the kids something is wrong.  And sure, adult diapers may be sexy to some people…wait, no they aren’t.  Dejected, Marge goes for a midnight walk and runs into Professor Frink.  Frink can help because he has a machine that will allow the other Simpsons to enter Homer’s dreams and see what’s bothering him.  That’s rather Inceptionish of them.  How did Frink find out Homer was a bedwetter anyway?  Bart tweeted it, and then Krusty retweeted it.

So, while Homer napes on the couch, the rest of the Simpsons (including Maggie for some reason) enter the dream of Homer skiing.  He seems fine.  He even says in his dreams he’s an intermediate skier, so everything’s cool.  There’s even a groundskeeper riding alongside.  Oh, wait, it’s really Death towing a coffin marked “marriage”.  That might go somewhere, but the Simpsons go over a cliff, and Frink from the outside assures them that dying in the dream will kill them.  And Frink just proved there’s a hell and everybody goes there.

That means going into a deeper dream to slow down time.  That would be Bart’s dream.  That returns the family to its original animated form when Homer sounded more like Walter Matthau.  What’s in the coffin?  A lot of fish.  Before the family can suffocate in fish, they go into one of Lisa’s dreams, but Bart’s not interested in performing Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, so in deeper into another of Homer’s dream where it’s all the stuff he loves most:  beer, food, and bowling.  There’s a Moe’s on every corner with its own Moe.  Plus, Ned Flanders is in there to be eternally run over by a giant lawnmower.  Now, if they don’t drown in beer…

Good news!  They don’t drown in beer.  Death saves them.  Only it isn’t Death…it’s Mona Simpson, Homer’s late mother.

See, as they step into a movie theater and Glenn Close’s reassuring tones explain what happened, it seems just before Mona left Grampa, the family took a vacation and Homer almost capsized a boat while he and Grampa were fishing.  Homer assumed because they were late that his parents argued and Mona left and it was his fault.

Not so, Dream Mona says, she was relieved Homer was fine, and she left for other reasons.  Homer can stop bedwetting.

Just as well.  Chief Wiggum was fighting Frink for the dream machine in the real world.

Apparently, Inceptioning is illegal.