November 29, 2023

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Stranger Things “The Mind Flayer”

Season Two, Episode Eight.

Merry Christmas!  It’s the Apocalypse!

Yes, after a dull sidetrip to Chicago for little if any discernible reason, we’re back at the lab as the mini-monsters come out of the hole looking to eat, oh, everybody.  And they get off to a good start, too.  Owens and Hopper get away, while Mike and Joyce sedate Will, the unwilling eyes of the shadow thingee.  Then they, with Bob, meet up with Hopper and Owens and hide in a monitor room which works until the power goes off.

So, someone will need to go down to the basement, reboot everything, and let everyone out since the power going off automatically locks all the doors.  And who is this brave volunteer?


Oh Bob.

Bob is a hero.  He does get the doors open.  And then the monsters eat him.

You know, since he is sorta at fault for giving Will bad advice about the shadow thing before, I think he made up for that.

As it is, the characters we know by name (except Owens) get away because Jonathan, Nancy, Steve, and the other kids manage to find them and drive them back to the Byers’ house.

Oh, and Max’s psycho Lost Boy wanna be step-brother was told to go find her by his equally psycho dad.  And not the fun kind of psycho dad.

OK, maybe that shouldn’t be seen as fun either.

I know I am theoretically supposed to care about Billy now, but nah.

So, what to do?  Then Dustin hits upon an idea:  the shadow thing is a Mind Flayer, a mind controlling intelligence from another dimension as seen in Dungeons and Dragons.  Kill that and the hive mind goes away!  How?  Seclude Will from anywhere he knows and ask him.  And while the newly dubbed Flayer speaks through his mouth, Will can still tap Morse code.  His message?  “Close gate”.

Too bad the phone rang and Will recognized the sound from the shed where he was being interrogated.  So, with a monster outside, even with the armed folks inside, what can anyone do?

Well, nothing.  Because that’s when Eleven comes back.  She may be canceling the apocalypse.