December 6, 2022

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Podcast Reaction: Defending Watson’s Wrong Opinion Edition

The Geeks discuss The Last Jedi, and Ryan is too quick on the trigger for the Price Is Right music cue.

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys discuss, in a very SPOILER-filled manner, The Last Jedi.  Ryan loved it.  Jenny mostly liked it.  Watson hated it.  And for the crime of daring to disagree with him, Ryan hit both Jenny and Watson (but especially Watson) with the Price is Right bum-bum-be-bum music.

That ain’t right.  SPOILERS for Last Jedi to follow as I explain why.

Watson’s ideal lightsaber battle.

So, Watson didn’t care for The Last Jedi, and he said as much.  Now, I’ll have my own SPOILER-FREE review going up probably Monday morning for the three people who actually care about such things, but in the meantime, I want to defend Watson and his totally inaccurate opinions.

See, Watson is free to think as he likes, no matter how wrong he is.  Sure, there was some general confusion about the hacker guy played by Benicio del Toro, but Maz said there was only one person who could get them onto Snoake’s ship and who could be trusted.  See, there were two qualifiers there.  And yes, Laura Dern did look like she wandered off the set of a Hunger Games movie, but the ultimate point was there really was a plan.  She just wasn’t sharing it.  Leia trusted that woman for a reason.  And true, leaving Leia behind would have fit since Carrie Fisher died unexpectedly after she finished filming, but even then LucasFilm promised they would not be changing the ending to kill the character off.  Since they won’t be CGI-ing her into future movies, I do wonder what that means, but what do I know?

At any rate, Watson is wrong, but he’s allowed to be wrong.  His personal sensibilities did not take into account that the movie dealt with more moral ambiguity than is typical for a Star Wars movie, as perfectly embodied by del Toro treacherous hacker.  Plus, Johnson actually showed sides to a galaxy far, far away that was different from any other films to date.  Here was a salt planet, one that looked far different from any place on Earth as many Star Wars planets often end up looking like.  Here were plans that were more complicated than we are used to seeing.  Here was a villain who actually did do as users of the Dark Side often claim to do and move up the ladder using assassination.  Here was a passing of the torch, to new heroes and new villains, that a place like the Star Wars universe will ultimately need in order to keep growing.

Besides, how cool was that shot of Luke standing in silhouette in front of all those First Order attack craft?

But that doesn’t work for Watson, who is offended by Porgs while forgetting they aren’t the first “cute” things to come into this universe, or to a trip to Space Vegas, despite the fact that there should be such a place since we’ve seen wretched hives of scum and villainy for the poor, so the rich must have their own places.  Rian Johnson delivered a movie that, while still looking like a Star Wars movie, had a unique look all its own, distinctive from what George Lucas created all those years ago.  J.J. Abrams copied that look.  Rian Johnson used it to make his own.

But as wrong as Watson was, he doesn’t deserve to be played some silly music.  He should be pitied for his inability to enjoy something different in a universe where everything looked the same.

See, it’s nothing like the prequels.

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