December 5, 2022

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Gravity Falls “The Society of the Blind Eye”

Season Two, Episode Seven.

Hey, cool, a guest voice by Peter Serafinowicz!

Um, that’s the new Tick.

Serafinowicz plays Blind Ivan.  More on him later.

See, Mabel is upset.  Her love interest Mermando is engaged to marry a manatee princess (she’s gorgeous according to Mabel).  That means her attempts at summer romance have been a real bust.  But then she spots the name “McGucket” in the busted laptop, leading Dipper to conclude the seemingly crazy Old Man McGucket wrote the mysterious journal.  Rounding up Soos and Wendy, the twins set off to ask the old man what’s up with that.

It turns out Old Man McGucket can’t remember anything from before thirty years ago, and since he woke up in the history museum, the kids take him there to jog his memory.  He sure did flip out when Dipper showed him a page from the journal referring to the Society of the Blind Eye.  Why?  I don’t know.  Do you?  Stick around.

At the museum, they manage to spot a shadowy figure running off somewhere.  Following him, they find a secret room where robed members of a secret society are erasing Lazy Susan’s memories of seeing the forest gnomes steal a pie.  Who are these people?  Well, it looks like they store memories in a tube, and that tube is stored in a place to never be remembered, so if Old Man McGucket doesn’t remember stuff, it’s probably because they erased the memory with their memory erasing gun.  Makes sense.  The boys go to find the room while the girls watch the chamber with the memory gun in it.

Well, everyone gets caught when Mabel gets too wrapped up in erasing the memories of failed romances…except for McGucket who’s still nuckin’ futs.  The society people pull their hoods back to reveal a few people from around town like that guy who married the woodpecker (it isn’t working out) and they’re just going to erase the memories of the captured kids.  As such, they blurt out their secrets.  Soos thought Mabel’s name was Maple for a long time.  Mabel feels guilty she doesn’t love all her stuffed animals.  Dipper uses big words without knowing what they all mean since people think he’s smart.  And Wendy isn’t laid back as she is really just stressed out all the time.

Blind Ivan, by the way, is the Society of the Blind Eye’s leader but not the founder.  And yes, they mind wipe anyone who sees weird stuff in Gravity Falls to keep people from going nuts.  Plus, they even zap themselves, so, you know.  They don’t even remember who founded their society.

But before they can zap the tied up youngsters, an oldster (McGucket) jumps in the way, sometime after wondering why he put a bandage on his beard.  His mind is so warped, the gun has no effect on him.  After a scuffle, the Society is zapped instead to make sure they don’t remember they were in that society, but Blind Ivan was zapped so badly he doesn’t remember anything.  As such, Mabel tells him his name is Toot Toot McBumblesnazzle, and he’s a traveling banjo player.  He’s much happier that way.

By the way, McGucket, back when he was an unknown person’s lab assistant, founded the Society of the Blind Eye and ended up zapping himself, and that’s why he’s messed up.

As for Grunkle Stan, he finally got that machine under the Mystery Shack working.

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