December 5, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Man In The Blue Flannel Pants”

In which Homer becomes the new "accounts man" for the Power Plant.

You know, after a rather fun riff on Ocean’s 11, it kinda sucks to then go to a more half-assed riff on Mad Men.

Krusty is being offered a chance to sponsor a fine new whiskey product.  To do so, he needs to have someone other than himself host a hot party full of all the cool people in town to sample and talk up the stuff as a viral marketing campaign stunt.  You know, someone who won’t mind having their house trashed.  Bart overhears the first part and writes the best fan letter.  Of course, for a sophisticated adult party, Bart has to stay in a separate room to be entertained by Sideshow Mel with Milhouse, Mr. Teeny, and Milhouse’s dad since the clown frightened Kirk.

But Homer actually is good at parties, until Mr. Burns showed up because Homer actually did invite everybody at the power plant.  If only that killjoy could be made more fun…oh, wait, Homer has the karaoke guy play the oldest song on  the machine and that works.  Burns sings some ancient song and the party is still a success.  It is so much of a success that Burns decides to promote Homer to “accounts man,” making him responsible for keeping and maintaining all the people the plant does business with happy.  To get there, Homer gets a new office in another building and he’ll be coached along by the plant’s outgoing accounts man, Robert Marlowe (guest star Mad Men actor John Slattery…and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner later voices a businessman, but no Jon Hamm here, suckers).  Marlowe even takes Homer on his first job to schmooze the mayor, a job that requires a lot of bourbon.  At first, Homer is excited about all this since being an accounts man will cost him his soul, and then Homer doesn’t have to go to church anymore.

Now, there’s a subplot here where Lisa helps Bart learn to read better which involves Bart reading Little Women to Lisa, himself, and the bullies, but that’s all I want to say about that.

What I will say is the new job is actually taking a heavy toll on Homer.  He doesn’t like living this Mad Men lifestyle.  Marge, concerned, tries to get Marlowe to come out of retirement, and Marlowe can talk women into anything as Marge learns when she suddenly finds herself in Marlowe’s bedroom and shower, but she won’t cheat on Homer, so he’s a lucky man and that never happened to Marlowe before.

But Marge’s next idea is a river rafting weekend getaway.  Homer agrees, but then Burns sees the brochure and wants Homer to schmooze some folks on the river the same weekend.  Homer, obviously, thinks he can do both at the same time.

Can he?  No.  He gets caught.  Rather quickly at that.

But the rafts miss the place where they’re supposed to stop, and there’s a waterfall.  Which raft will Homer save?

Duh, the one with Marge and the kids in it.  Marlowe comes by on a jet ski to get his job back and save Burns.  The other guys on Burns’ raft go over the falls.

And heck, Homer saved the plant money during that gig, so Burns isn’t even mad as he resets the status quo.

Yeah, seems like not much of an episode.  Could have done with more of a cool soundtrack.

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