December 5, 2021

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House Of Cards UK “The Final Cut Episode Three”

Part Three, Episode Three.

So, who is Claire Carlsen really supporting if she seems to be feeding information and support to both Tom Makepeace and Francis Urquhart?

If that silly Geoffrey guy is to be believed:  neither.  She’s out for herself to maybe become prime minister herself one day.

How does she accomplish this?  Well, Makepeace is, at heart, a softie and Urquhart is a hardass.  Urquart’s only goal at this point is to beat Thatcher’s record for time in office.  He’s so freakin’ close, but Makepeace’s challenge to the leadership is making things dicey.  Since Urquhart’s been in office so long, people are starting to look to new leadership, and that may be Makepeace.

Interesting to note that Makepeace breaks off the relationship with Claire, and his wife knew what he was doing and didn’t seem to mind.  She leaves him anyway, but that was more because she found someone new than anything else.

What does Claire do for Makepeace?  Send the Greek woman his way with information that Urquhart may have killed her uncles.  Of course, Francis did do that as he apparently only just told his wife.

What does Claire do for Urquhart?  Egg him on.  That doesn’t need much doing.

But given there’s been a successful push to oust him, and Francis would rather leave of his own accord than someone else’s, there’s really only one thing left to do to maintain his power long enough.

He’s going to have to start a war.  That just means letting the Greeks know they got screwed out of the Cyprus deal…

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