March 3, 2024

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Deadwood “Requiem For A Gleet”

Season Two, Episode Four.

Here’s what we know about the town of Deadwood:  Seth Bullock may be the sheriff, but a lot of stuff seems to fall apart when Al Swearengen is unavailable.

Al still has his kidney stones, and it’s left him nearly catatonic from the looks of things.  Doc Cochran may have a surgical solution, but it requires cutting into Al either above or below his genitals.  Neither sounds very pleasant, and let’s keep in mind this is 19th century surgery we’re talking about here:  don’t watch episodes like this during dinner.  Trust me on this one.

But Al’s incapacitation means that Dan has to keep people away.  Keeping Farnum away isn’t too hard, but then there’s the former highwayman looking to get started again and Mr. Wu and his limited English vocabulary trying to warn Al about something.  Dan can put Wu off for now, but the other guy just ends up getting killed somewhere above the Gem’s first floor.

Fortunately, Al passes his stone.  He should be OK again.

Meanwhile, Seth and Martha discuss talking in the mornings or at night.  They have this discussion while pointedly not looking at each other.  Then Martha tells Seth to close the bedroom door so they can…talk.

I suspect they weren’t talking.  Call it a hunch.

And so, we see the town maybe settling into a new normal.  Well, as normal as having a Commissioner come to town to look about incorporating Deadwood into one of the larger territories, Francis Wolcott making really weird requests at Joanie’s brothel (where he’s also a partner), and Alma fires a nanny who then runs to Silas for comfort with a story that doesn’t really match her dismissal.

Yeah, normal.