March 2, 2024

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Stranger Things “The Spy”

Season Two, Episode Six.

The quietest thing that happened here may be that Nancy and Jonathan hooked up after sleazy investigator Murray pointed out they should.

Poor Steve…

Now there’s something I never thought I would say.

Steve, see, is being a good guy right now helping Dustin track down Dart.  Mostly it was to kill Dart, but Dart shed his skin while trapped in Dustin’s basement and is probably even bigger than he was before.  Also, he burrowed through the basement to the outside world.  Steve gives Dustin some tips on how to win over girls and have great 80s hair, too.

I’m not sure how good the girl advice is since Lucas seems to have won over Max anyway.  Heck, Lucas gets Max to tag along when he finally gets ahold of Dustin and learns Dart is, you know, still loose.  And the only reason Dustin still had Dart was to impress Max.  Dustin sucks at this.

Considering where Nancy is, Steve may not be much better.

Will is in a bad place, too.  He says he’s burning all over from the flamethrower attack on those vines, so Dr. Owens puts a temporary halt to that stuff.  And while Will recognizes Joyce and eventually Mike, he doesn’t recognize Dr. Owens.  Or Bob.  Or Chief Hopper.

And, uh, he appears to have some weird virus in his system linking him to what Dr. Owens theorizes is a hive mind for the creatures of the Upside Down.  Now, Owens isn’t all that bad a guy, and he does ask Will where the creatures are located within the labyrinth under Hawkins.  And Will gives him a location.  That means Owens can send a team down there.

That is good news in a roundabout way for Dustin, Lucas, Madmax, and Steve.  Thinking they only had to deal with one creature, they set a trap for Dart.  Steve had his spiked baseball bat.  The kids hid in an abandoned school bus.  But, uh, it seems Dart had friends.  The only thing that ends up saving that group is the lot of those things trotting off all at the same time.  Why?

They were massacring Dr. Owens’ men.  Will was forced to name a location by that shadow thing.  It was a trap.

As Mike puts it, Will is a spy.

Oh, and now the creatures are headed for the lab.

Man, this would be a really bad time to put in a barely-connected bottle episode that takes away from this suspenseful plot line.