April 21, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Little Gift Shop Of Horrors”

Season Two, Episode Six.

Aw geez…and anthology episode!

I mean, I liked it and all.  It was quite funny.  But I can’t get too into these sorts of episodes when it comes to these half-assed write-ups.  Just ask Watson.  Watson doesn’t read these anyway.

But the premise is Stan is telling stories about his spooky merchandise to some tourist who wandered in at night.  Everything in the framing sequences is seen from this person’s point of view, even when Stan gets sick of the guy not buying anything, kidnapping him (or maybe her) and locking her (or maybe him) in an exhibit case marked “cheapskate”.

But what were the tales?  The first dealt with Stan losing his hands to a witch after he shoplifted her stall at the county fair.  That’s…funny, but not much more to say there.

Second story showed Dipper trying some powder to make himself smarter while he slept, but Waddles ate it all, even licking Dipper’s face clean.  That made Waddles a talking genius voiced by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Ain’t Tyson awesome?

Waddles gives up his intelligence in the end for Mabel.

Mabel stars in the last story as we learn she is deathly afraid of stop-motion monsters.  Then the things turn out to be real and they manage to capture the other members of her family (plus Soos), but then Mabel realizes living clay can be molded like regular clay and makes a friendly giant starfish out of an unfriendly giant cyclops.  That’ll teach those clay skeletons.

By the by, cool thing done where the stop-motion monsters really were done stop-motion style.

But that’s it.  I really don’t like writing up anthology episodes.