May 26, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Falcon And The D’ohman”

In which Homer tries to befriend a former CIA agent with bad PTSD.

Here we are with season twenty-three with a third guest appearance by Kiefer Sutherland.  That’s right.  A third appearance.  And he’s a different character each time.

There’s also a moment where Marge daydreams she wins a reality show hosted by guest star and celebrity chef Tom Colicchio.  I don’t really know who that is.

Homer’s strolling into work a couple hours late and sees a new security guard on duty named Warren.  Homer was expecting a pass from the usual guy, Larry, and the fist bump that comes with it.  Will Warren go out for a beer with Homer after work?  Well, no, he doesn’t smell of alcohol like Larry did which may be why Larry doesn’t work there anymore.

As it is, rain, hail,  and the imminent arrival of pay-to-use sidewalks get Warren into Homer’s car and off to Moe’s.  And while Warren is using the rest room, in bursts Snake to rob the place.  And then Warren easily beats the snot out of him, becoming an unwitting hero.  That gets him on the news and then an award from Mr. Burns.

Problem:  Warren was CIA or something, and he has these flashbacks to an awful past, and while Homer assumes that works well with his own flashforwards to an awful future, Warren knows better.  In fact, when Mr. Burns offers Warren a reward for the cameras, Warren snaps and attacks the old man.  That gets him fired, and it gets him recognized by some Ukrainian bad guy type involved.  Homer also invites Warren to stay with the Simpsons, where he teaches enhanced interrogation to the kids and enhanced driving skills to Marge.

By the by, what sort of flashbacks does he have?  Well, he had special training, and I could only find the clip in what looks like Spanish.

But that Ukrainian guy comes by looking for revenge and snags Homer.  Freezing him under some ice with only a straw to breathe, Homer is rescued by Warren, but then Warren has to leave.  Marge did get him a job where his attitude and government experience would come in handy, namely the DMV.  There, he’s limited to flashbacks to the musical he was forced to write while being held prisoner by Kim Jong-il.

Oh, and the Internet voted to let Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel stay together, so that was nice.