June 20, 2024

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YouTube Selection: Just Write’s “Dystopian Fiction: How Stories Transform Your Mind”

YouTube essayist Just Write has a suggestion for those who fear totalitarianism.

Godwin’s Law posits that any debate online will eventually reference Hitler.  There’s some truth to that.

But that comes in part from a general fear that someone we don’t politically agree with will go all totalitarian on us, and another way of looking into that sort of a society is dystopian fiction.  Can such a society actually appear?  YouTube essayist Just Write has some thoughts on that.

Just Write takes a look at the two books that more or less founded the modern-day dystopian genre:  1984 and Brave New World.  On the surface, the two works have little in common besides the dystopian society.  1984 shows a society where everyone is pushed down and miserable through the worship of fictional dictator Big Brother.  Brave New World shows a society where everyone is encouraged to drug themselves into bliss at even the slightest negative thought and just live as hedonistically as possible.  What could they both have in common?

Well, they have something, and Just Write even offers a way to combat a potential dictator along the way.  See for yourself.