December 8, 2022

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Gravity Falls “Soos And The Real Girl”

Season Two, Episode Five.

You know, we’ve spent a lot of time with the twins, but what about Soos?  He’s a good sidekick, the amicable guy who never questions anything, is always ready to help, and knows about a lot of the weird stuff around Gravity Falls.

What’s his life like?

Well, he likes it.  He’s good at fixing stuff around the Mystery Shack and video games, and that’s good enough for him.  But there’s something else.  His abuelita wants Soos to get a date.  It seems one of Soos’ cousins is getting married and has an engagement party coming soon.  Since the cousin is considered a fourth-degree Soos, that’s upsetting, but Soos doesn’t know how to talk to girls.

Dipper and Mabel offer to help by taking Soos to the mall to meet girls.  That doesn’t work, but Soos does find a video game at a game store called “Romance Academy”.  It’s only been returned two or three times with instructions to destroy it.  But hey, Soos is good at video games and ignores the advice, taking it home and firing it up, to find himself flirting with a pixelated anime girl named Giffany, or, you know, .GIFfany.

Huh.  His computer isn’t plugged in.

And Giffany is rather possessive.  She follows him to the mall through video monitors.  But when she goes away for a second, Soos meets cute at the Meat Cute stand a real girl named Melanie.  And then he gets a date.

Say, did I mention Giffany is rather possessive?  She doesn’t take kindly to Soos finding a date.

Soos takeds Melanie out, and Dipper and Mabel tag along to a Chuck E Cheese type restaurant, and Soos and Melanie are really hitting it off…and then Giffany shows up.  She’s mad.  Soos hit “pause” on her.

Dipper, of course, knows how dangerous a video game coming to life can be.  As if in answer, Giffany passes through some other games and vaporizes Rumble McSkirmish.  Then she takes over the robots in the place to terrorize Dipper, Mabel, and Melanie while trying to remind Soos who his girlfriend really is.

Where was Stan during all this?  Trying to steal a robotic badger from another restaurant after he saw it collecting money from a lot of kids.  It also goes nuts and attacks him.  He’s only saved when an older gizmo that looked like an old timey prospector bites the robot on the arm.  Let’s forget about Stan now.

Soos does save the day, though, by tossing the game disk in the pizza oven, effectively deleting Giffany.

And good news, Melanie has had worse dates and will attend the engagement party!  But she lives in Portland normally.  But that is also good news, because long distance chat looks like a video game, and Soos is good at those.

Problem solved.

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