February 27, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: It Doesn’t Make Sense Edition

The Geeks talk advertising that may be a teaser or a trailer, and then play a game that nobody seems very good at.

This week on the podcast, there was a lot of confusion and chaos and all sorts of things.

Most it was Jenny’s fault, but there was plenty of confusing blame to spread around.

Watson’s ideal number cruncher.

There was so much wrong with that game on a metaphysical level.

Watson made a game based around television?

Ryan did so poorly on a game based around numbers?

And Jenny apparently doesn’t read this site.

Jenny didn’t know where Wakanda is?

Jenny has never seen Darkseid?

Jenny has never seen Batman: The Animated Series?

That last one stings since, you know, Jimmy and I have been covering that here for quite some time.

This news displeases Batman.

Of course, we’ve since moved on to Superman: The Animated Series which often featured some guy named Darkseid.

And this isn’t a matter of Jenny being too young, like her claims about Superfriends as Batman’s show came out in the 90s.  Oh, and it’s included with Amazon Prime Video.

Does Jenny know anything Geeky?  I mean, she even argued semantics with a lawyer over whether she watched a teaser or a trailer.  I’m not sure there is much difference aside from general length.

Then again, maybe being drunk on cider helps when listening to the show anymore.  There’s been a real problem since Jimmy and I have been excluded from the podcast.  We brought something that the others lack.

We still bring this.

Also, Jimmy and I generally know what we’re talking about.

So, while Jenny goes off to do more homework before next week’s show, let us all remember that Wakanda may be fictional, but it isn’t full of aliens.