June 19, 2024

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Deadwood “A Lie Agreed Upon Part II”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Day in Deadwood was plenty rough when Bullock and Swearengen locked horns and almost killed each other.

Night time isn’t the time to calm things down since Bullock left his sheriff’s badge and gun at the Gem.

That would be a problem since Bullock promised his new stepson William he would retrieve them.  He can’t just get new ones.  But after a stop at Alma’s where he breaks off their relationship and advices her to do the same or move back to New York, he’s all set to go settle things at the Gem.  Charlie sees Bullock is way too angry to deal with this without making things worse, and even though Swearengen is hardly in good shape himself, he still has more people there for back-up.

Well, mostly.  Dan and Silas are feuding and that leads to a fight…where Silas kills someone else and Dan beats Silas’ partner up pretty bad.  The two men have different ways of doing things, and Swearengen has to console Dan later that, well, Dan is the guy he’ll stick with the longest.  Dan was crying over that for some reason.

As it is, Charlie can only calm Bullock for so long, even listening to the story on how Bullock’s brother died in Mexico, which led to Bullock marrying his brother’s widow in order to make sure young William had a father.  Then Calamity Jane comes back into town, drunk and belligerent.  Off Bullock goes to get his stuff from the Gem.  He’s got Charlie and Jane for back-up…and then an injured Sol, and even Trixie with a rifle off to the side, though she’s probably there for Sol, not Bullock.

But for all the violence of earlier, and given Al can barely breathe without hurting himself, Swearengen returns Bullock’s things peacefully, explaining he remembered Reverend Smith saying the camp was a better place with Bullock in it.  So, a truce between parties for now…

Alma, by the by, will be staying in Deadwood to care for the orphaned girl she took in from the looks of things.

As for Bullock, he returns to his home, leaves his gun and badge for his sleeping stepson to find, and then learns his new wife took the bundling board off the bed.

Huh.  Martha Bullock is a bit different than I would have thought.  She seems more into this marriage than Seth is…