March 2, 2024

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Stranger Things “Will The Wise”

Season Two, Episode Four.

Eleven sneaks out.  There are consequences.  Will tries to shout at a shadow monster.  There are consequences.

Consequences are everything.

What are the consequences you ask, hypothetical reader that is most likely Jimmy?  Well, for Eleven, it means being grounded and fighting with Hopper.  For Hopper, it’s a lesson on why shouting normal parent bluffs at a telekinetic may not be the best idea.  That does lead to Eleven finding files on her possible birth mother, a woman who is largely catatonic and can only barely stay focused for a second or two during a telepathic chat.

For Will, it means he’s standing in a field behind his school with all his friends and Joyce shouting at him until he wakes up.  And then, well, Joyce keeps him home from school and checks him for a fever.  He’s actually cold.  And he won’t take a hot bath to warm up.  What will he do?  Draw what’s bothering him.  With Hopper, Joyce puts the draws together like a weird jigsaw puzzle that reveals…vines?  Maybe.

For Jonathan and Nancy, it means being taken to the lab where somewhat jovial Dr. Owens shows them how they’ve been trying to burn back the Upside Down.  And then leave a threat that people can be burned too.  Don’t tell Barb’s mom!  Or, you know, get Dr. Owens on a recording admitting what he knows.

Consequences go both ways.

Lucas sees the consequences of leaving Madmax out of the loop.  Sure, he can’t exactly tell her about government labs and alternate realities, but he can see the consequences.  Then again, Max’s psycho stepbrother Billy isn’t a consequence anyone can see coming just yet.

Hopper can find some tunnels too, under the fields of rotting pumpkins.  Yeah, it looks like the Upside Down down there.

Will can talk for a shadow monster.  That can’t be good.

But the biggest consequences for now may be for Dustin.  Sure, he lied about Dart still being loose at the school.  But then Dart got bigger again.  And he ate the Henderson family cat.  Oh, and it looks like Dart is a baby version of that monster from season one.

Consequences, man.