May 31, 2023

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YouTube Selection: ArtSpear Entertainment’s “SUPER-HERO-BOWL!”

Just a cartoon where a few dozen cartoon versions of movie and TV heroes fight it out in a big arena.

Since I started posting videos for Friday mornings, many have been sober-minded video essays on the nature of filmmaking or storytelling or anything along those lines.

But hey, here’s one that’s just silly from ArtSpear Entertainment.

ArtSpear has a series called “Toon Sandwich” where they do comedic retellings of popular movies and TV shows.  ThIs one, “SUPER-HERO-BOWL!” is just a lot of those characters being forced by unknown aliens to fight it out in an arena.  Lots of cartoon death, but there is a winner and a punchline for what they were fighting for.  And Jenny might be pleased to see who the first runner up is.

Just enjoy this one.  Or don’t.  Up to you, really.

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