July 21, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Sock Opera”

Season Two, Episode Four.

Mabel may just be over Mermando, but that doesn’t mean she won’t fall for someone else.

Yes, just as Dipper was about to crack the mystery laptop, Mabel sees a guy.  The laptop has password protection, but with Dipper’s intelligence and Mabel’s laser-like intensity and focus…wait, since when did Mabel have that?  She doesn’t?  Oh, she spots some cute guy doing a puppet show at the library.  His name is Gabe, and he’s devoted to puppets.  As such, Mabel says she also is and promises the greatest sock puppet rock opera ever that she (dishonestly) claims she’s been working on for ages but really she has, like, three days to put together.

You know, Gabe never removed his puppets from his hands.  Kudos to the people behind the scenes for not doing some bit where we learned the puppets were his hands.

But the interest in the puppet show consumed Mabel and pretty much everybody else, and Dipper needs help breaking the password code.  He’s losing sleep and that’s when help arrives.

Oh, it’s Bill Cypher, the evil triangle demon thing.

He’ll help.  He even points out how much Dipper rountinely sacrifices for Mabel and how ungrateful Mabel is.  But say, all Bill wants is a puppet and Mabel has a ton of the things lying around.  As the laptop is finally going into some self-destruct mode due to Dipper’s constant attempts to crack the code, Dipper agrees, figuring Bill will just take a puppet from Mabel’s pile.

Oh, he meant he wanted to steal Dipper’s body.  And as a ghost, for all practical purposes, Dipper is unable to warn anyone as Bill first destroys the laptop then says he’s going to do the same with Dipper’s journal.  Mabel took it as a prop for her massive show.

Can Dipper prevail?  Can he contact Mabel?  Can Mabel get Gabe to like her?

OK, in order:  yes, yes, and almost.

Dipper can talk through another puppet and warn Mabel.

Mabel can sacrifice for Dipper to save the journal, and she knows Dipper’s lack of sleep and tickle weaknesses means she can beat Bill in Dipper’s body, allowing Dipper to reclaim it.

Of course, all this happens in front of an audience, and that destroys the set during the last act of Mabel’s epic sock puppet rock opera, and though Bill is defeated, everyone else is hates the show, especially Gabe who takes to making out with his own puppets.

Yeah, Mabel dodged a bullet there.